SEO or Search engine optimization is primarily the process of helping a website appear on top of search results when a user specifically searches for something related. Google and other leading search engines like Bing and Yahoo etc. have their algorithms and methodologies to do this, which ensures that the most appropriate results are being shown to their searchers. To optimize on these results, a website administrator needs to strive and maintain a top quality approach consistently with in-depth knowledge of SEO strategies.

A few are saying that SEO is outdated as search is getting diversified now through social media sites, YouTube, Amazon, and many other specialized platforms online. Even though the modes of gathering information through the internet is getting diversified, the fact is that SEO remains the top priority of businesses who want to ensure their solid presence online.

The challenge of SEO

Even the most skilled search engine optimization specialists are confused about page rankings and search engine behavior as the leading search engines used to change their algorithms and are not at all candidate about these updates. This uncertainty makes SEO a very challenging and expert task. So, are all these efforts worth it? The answer is a big YES.

Time spend on researching for valid keywords, carefully integration them into content, title, headers, descriptions, and creating user-friendly and informative content everything values a lot regarding gaining long-term results through effective search engine optimization.

  • SEO matters

Nowadays, in business marketing, the strategy is an essential component than anything else, and when it comes to digital marketing, SEO stands on top of the requirements. There is undoubtedly a significant difference between simply getting lost in billions of websites present on the net and attracting a fair amount of traffic by being visible to the relevant searchers.

Why some people tend to say SEO is irrelevant then? The latest algorithm changes and streamlining of search engines like Google ended up only valuing quality content and relevance of a website in ranking them, so some people started thinking that that SEO doesn’t matter if they post worthy content. They assume content quality will take care of itself without administration of any strategy.

Even though the quality content is needed to build trust, how to present these in front of the target group. SEO is aimed to make your website get found at the first point, without which it is simply worthless to have even top quality content on your website.

  • Relevance of keywords

Old practices of search engines have entirely changed when it comes to processing keywords now. Keyword stuffing and a lot of other gimmicks worked well in the past, but now it may bring in penalties. However, keywords still are highly relevant regarding ranking on top in search engines. One needs to properly and naturally use them in the content for the search engine crawlers as well as the human users to make sense of it.

This might be pursued as an adverse change if you were simply throwing in keywords at random places on your web pages in the past. Being logical now, the more relevant keywords are to your customers, more elegant your traffic may be. You don’t have to use keywords in every sentence or one in every paragraph. Stuff it wherever needed with a minimalist approach, and you can see how the search engine magic works.

Even though it turns everything upside down for the SEO specialists, one should view the frequent change in algorithms as a positive thing. It is done not to put the website owners in trouble, but search engines like Google want to the provider to their valuable clients the best possible and most reliable results to keep them loyal. While the search engines are striving to give a better experience to their users, those who take advantage out of it also need to positive change with constant betterment in their SEO approach.

There are many tools available now including premium pro services to research and identify the most relevant keywords specific to your business. Every successful SEO campaign begins with appropriate keyword research.

  • Long tail keywords

If you are taking keyword research seriously using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Semrush, then you may have come across long-term keywords. With many out there trying for the SEO dominance, there is a very tight competition regarding relevant keywords. So, instead of competing for the fiercest race, you can focus more on more extended keywords, specifically more relevant key phrases, which are also found to be highly relevant regarding business SEO.

It is true that SEO rapidly changes, but it is still alive and relevant for you if you want to promote your brand and business online. It is also hard to keep up with the frequent changes in SEO trends and algorithmic changes, but once if you master it, everything changes. Search engines will surely reward top-quality content and your persistent efforts to deliver the best to your audience with high rankings.

The following article is written by Jimmy Merchant who is a web analyst and SEO specialist who used to write in many US blogs and in French to prove his point as le SEO es bien vivant.