The scope of market research is broader than the way many companies may see it. Marketing intelligence gleaned from opinion polls, online surveys and what have you can help inform several departments or units in a company regarding improving various activities they are engaged in from time to time.

Furthermore, technological advances have made sophisticated DIY (Do-it-yourself) research products possible, meaning that businesses can now have tighter control over their costs, reach, as well as the timing of their research solutions. In addition to this, these DIY offerings can deliver instant results. An advantage that helps in monitoring businesses at real-time when time is of critical essence.

Consequently, here are seven ways these do-it-yourself market research products can influence activities across departments in an organization:

Product development

The consumer is king and developing products tailored to meet his/her identified need is a conventional use of market research. Now there are two ways that readily come to mind through which this can be achieved. The first has to do with obtaining such knowledge from your prospective consumer out there, while the other is via your on-going conversation with already existing clients.

An example in this case is when a cupcake maker conducts a survey regarding what consumers feel is lacking in their product. Opinions from consumers regarding this can lead to developing the next best cupcake of the century.

 Marketing content      

The language that a company employs when communicating with its consumers is critical. Knowing exactly, which words to use in different situations can positively set apart an organization from its competitors. This is especially so with regard to sensitive industries like charities or hospices.

Crisis management

To be able to gain immediate access to fresh results and see reactions they generate can prove to be essential to adequate crisis-response initiatives. Whether this has to do with a drop in public confidence, facing a catastrophe of unimaginable proportion, et al. the advanced nature of do-it-yourself research solutions will allow for online surveys to be swiftly deployed, thereby improving a business’ image even as it provides vital information regarding this situation.

Brand awareness

This is another area which has often depended on marketing intelligence to inform its strategies. Businesses usually waste time plus money stressing the same point regarding their brand, which consumers are already aware of and accept. But investigating the perceptions held by your target audience may reveal areas, which require improvement. For instance,

 Service improvements

Even though over the years, surveys have been used as a tool to ensure the satisfaction of customers, it is possible to make use of do-it-yourself tools to target particular users or the various aspects of a program. For instance, it is possible for a business to encourage its consumers to be part of its research team or community via a link on its website. Now consumers that eventually sign-up and then participate can provide valuable information for the monitoring of service performance.

Advertising campaigns

Traditionally, market research has assisted agencies in crafting targeted messages regarding their advertising programs in order to appeal to the intended demographics. This has been made possible through the use of surveys as well as opinion panels, which have effectively targeted specific aspects of a campaign or product that consumers have responded well to.

Media purchase and placement

Marketing insights are useful in determining the best places for launching marketing campaign including the dissemination of messaging. Yes, understanding the mind as well as the habits of consumers can assist a business in crafting a strategy that employs the most suitable venues for social media, marketing, search engine optimization campaigns, etc.

About the Author: Jason Phillips has posted this article. He is a marketing executive at Los Angeles marketing agency. He loves to watch movies and play football at his free time.