Several good articles on the growing role women are playing in the economy this week. 

Huffington Post's The Decade of the Women is Upon Us covers the She-conomy trend from the Intuit 2020 Report and adds the very important point that women doing better does not mean men have to do worse. 

Economics is not a zero sum game.  The growing economic power of women means more economic growth.  This will create more opportunities for everyone.   

Time's Women Power: The Rise of the Sheconomy focuses mostly on the growing power of women as consumers.  I think this is the least interesting part of this trend, but it is still important.

The New York Times' Keeping Romance Alive in the Age of Female Empowerment covers the shift in gender roles due to a growing number of women out earning their partners.

The NY Times article is in their Europe section, which I like because we get a lot of questions asking if the She-conomy is only a U.S. trend.  Quick answer - no.