Little fish in a big pond? We understand. It can be tough feeling like you're competing against firms with marketing budgets the size of what you can expect to make over the next ten years. That's why you have to pick your battles carefully and focus your efforts.

So we’ve come up with a few tips to help your small company look important. With the right marketing details in place, your clients will quickly gather that you are a company worthy of their business.

1. Professional Business Website and Social Media

If your website looks like your little sister designed it, then you’re in for some trouble. Choose a nice simple layout, make it look clean and organized, then add in some appropriate graphic designs such as a logo and any pertinent images. Then create business accounts on top social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Make sure to include buttons for these in a visible place on your website.

2. Reviews

Use any opportunity to get people to review your company. Customers can fill out in-person or online reviews, local newspapers can give you a small section of a review, other businesses can even review your work, especially if you are a business that works in cooperation with other businesses on a normal basis.

3. Professional Advertising and Marketing

Even if the extent of your advertising is with postcards, they need to look good. That means pick colors that are aesthetically pleasing, a font that flows well with the color scheme, and an overall sense of cohesion between your design scheme and your company. Also include your logo, of course. Make sure, too, that you order professional business cards and keep them on you always. You may even want to keep extras in your company vehicle and briefcase just in case you run out of the stash in your pocket.

4. Consistency

Undoubtedly, your small business is linked in to all of the popular social media sites. Therefore, in all of your social media, as well as your other forms of advertising, remain consistent as a company. Use your logo and branded color scheme everywhere. Use the same “tone of voice” on all your communication. Make sure that all of your printed advertisements include your website URL and at least one of your social media accounts.

5. Follow up

Any good basketball player or bowler will tell you that the shot is all about the follow-through. The same is true with business. If you will follow through with your customers after an interaction with your company, it will speak miles about your company’s identity and importance.

6. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to gain customer traffic because it can be blasted through a whole variety of venues such as YouTube videos, blogs, and other forms of communication. Your goal in this is simply to get as much out about your company as possible. This will make customers feel as though there is something worth knowing about your company. That makes you a big deal. Therefore, create a blog either on your website or on a separate blog linked to your website. Submit guest posts to non-competitive blogs who have the same target market that you do. Comment on blogs and forums. Just make sure that your content is relevant and helpful always.

7. Great Adwords Campaign

Find keywords for your Goolge Adwords Campaign that you know are going to bring a targeted audience straight to you without any work on your part. Google will do it all for you. Be specific in your terms but generic enough that a customer could be directed to you without searching for you directly. Give them the impression that they didn’t even know what they needed before you told them what they needed.

Whether you are a business that has been around for awhile or a startup, the 7 methods above are some of the most important to get into place right away. If you have limited focus and time for marketing efforts, create a plan that includes getting to each of these tasks as needed. Soon, your small business will look just as incredible as your big business competition.

photo credit: helgabj via photopin cc