Creating attractive and effective newsletters is absolutely necessary for most marketers. Newsletters help to engage our leads and customers, attract our target audience to our website or just sell more products. However, it´s not easy to create good newsletters and people are often cluttered and unfocused because they want to support every aspect of their business in just one newsletter. This is a terrible mistake and makes you waste time and money.

If you want to be an expert creating newsletters, like the digital marketing agency neoattack.com, pay attention to this article and follow all our tips.

1. Think of what type of newsletter you want to send

There are many types of newsletters so, it´s important to figure out which is the main purpose or goal of sending them. As we mentioned before, one of the biggest problems that we can have with email newsletters is that we are unfocused and try to support every single detail of our business.

The best way to reduce the randomness of any newsletter is trying to cover only one specific topic. To summarize, instead of talking about your company in general, explain only one aspect of it. Frequently, your email newsletter subscribes don´t like hearing about your products or services all the time. That´s the reason of offering fresh and interesting content using newsletters.

Remember that you need to get rid of the self-promotion the majority of the time and giving your subscribers relevant and timely information.

2. Establish expectations on your newsletters

You have to be sure that you´re telling potential subscribers exactly what will be in the newsletter and how often they should expect to hear from you. It means that the first newsletter that you send will be a kind of “subscribe landing page”, where every subscriber will know the content and a preview link. This action will help to reduce your unsubscribe and spam rates.

3. Be always creative with email subject lines

Sincerely, there is no guarantee that your subscribers will open your emails, even if they signed up for them. There must be any kind of incentive from the subject line to click on your newsletter. Try to have an unconventional and captivating subject line for each newsletter you send. Don´t use either sender names such as “do not replay or no replay”.

4. Choose a primary call-to action

It´s true that newsletters have content with multiple calls-to action (CTAs) but, you shouldn´t let those CTAs have the same importance.

That´s mean you can use one call to action for one main thing that you want your subscribers to do. The rest of the CTAs can look like “optionals” for your subscribers. With this strategy you are making easy for your subscribers to know what you want them to do.

4. Use concise copy and enough white space in the design

We can assure that keeping design and copy minimal will help you to create effective newsletters. One of your goals must be give your subscribers a taste of your content and make them want to click and learn more. White space helps visually alleviate a cluttered feel of your newsletter and it´s easier for your subscribers to click the right link.

5. Images must have alt text

For those who don´t know what is alt text is the alternative text that must appear when images aren´t loaded. When your images are CTAs, you need to be sure that your readers are clicking, although the image is enabled.

6. Use an email server for newsletters

Email servers like Mailrelay will make us to save time and be able to track email usage. This server is also helpful for learning the patterns and interests of your target audience.

We hope you like this article and follow all our tips for creating excellent newsletters to increase your profits.