If you are new or even been there for a couple of months using Instagram, it can get a little frustrating if you aren’t getting followers that you expected. You keep posting interesting photographs, you put in all the hard work, but there are only a handful of likes on your posts. There are ways to overcome this by using Jasa likes Instagram, a tool that takes care to get followers automatically. It took mastering a few techniques to find success. If you are into social media marketing, you need not be discouraged. It will take just a couple of ideas that you need to implement your initiative to meet with success. A few things to remember though. You should be regular with your postings, keep interacting with your followers, and keep engaging by making your posts relevant and interesting such that it would naturally attract the audience you are targeting.

Hashtags are important

Hashtags are what your readers follow. You need to be unique in using hashtags. You could search for the most trending hashtags in your domain, however, do not use them straight away. The simple reason is that if there are thousands using that hashtag, then it is very likely that your message would get lost in the sea of messages. You could try and use a variant of the hashtag. Better still, create a hashtag for your brand and your campaigns. This helps your followers identify you uniquely. Use your hashtags liberally in all your social posts, contests, promotions, and campaigns. However, do remember to make them short and easy so that your followers can remember them. Also, do monitor responses to your hashtags as it would give you a pulse of what people or your followers are really looking forward to.


Being humans, we all have a natural psychological urge to see whether someone reciprocates to our engagement. That’s what social websites are all about. It is all about being engaged. It would, therefore, pay to follow your likely audience, maybe like their posts, respond to some of the posts and you would soon see your followers growing. You could also procure Jasa likes Instagram, a tool that helps you automatically gain followers.


Isn’t the whole of social media about interaction? As a social marketer, you obviously know that you need to continuously keep interacting with your audience and your likely customers. There are multiple ways you could foster engagement and there is no one truth that would work. So, you need to try all of these strategies or at least a combination of some.

For example, contests are a great way to create interest, to create a buzz around your brand or your promotion. Contests have been used successfully even when the world of branding, promotions, and marketing was entirely offline. Therefore, they are proven strategies. One of the easiest ways to do this on Instagram is to post a photograph or image promoting the contest and then prompt people to like or follow to enter the contest. 3. Hold a contest on Instagram. One of the easiest ways to do this is to post an image promoting the contest and then ask people to like it in order to enter. Remember always to use your other social profiles also to promote this contest. On your other social media sites, you could promote your story by providing a brief, but exciting information about the contest. Draw your audience into it. You could also use strategies like providing coupons, sneak peeks, and other incentives to pull the audience to your Instagram posts.

Keep a regular tab on your audience and your competitors too. Like and comment on your follower’s posts. Track what your competitors are doing and whether they have a massively popular campaign. Study their posts to understand what about that post excited your audience and then implement similar strategies for yours. You could also use some popular hashtags like #love, #followme, #photooftheday. These capture the attention of the audience quickly. Do your research on hashtags that would relate well to your brand and do not go overboard by using hashtags that do not relate to your business.


A few closing points. Remember that nothing beats quality. So, keep posting your best images and ones that would be relevant to your business or domain. If you are in the business of software, posting images relating to beauty or celebrities may not be of much help to excite your audience. Similarly, also remember to keep your profile complete and include appropriate keywords and hashtags there too. Do not appear too promotional as people generally tend to ignore text that looks like spam. You surely do not want your audience to ignore your messages!