While consumer brand marketers are embracing Pinterest enthusiastically, many B2B marketers are still in a quandary about the visual sharing site. On one hand, it’s highly engaging, rapidly growing, and has more than 11 million users. On the other hand, 80% of users are women and the most popular topics continue to be fashion, cooking, home decor, crafts, weddings and kids.

Best Pinterest Marketing Guides of 2012So, is Pinterest worthwhile for business marketing? Does it really help with SEO? And if Pinterest is worth the effort of getting to know the ins and outs of yet another social network, what are the best practices for using it?

The seven experts below contend that the site is indeed worthwhile for business, that it’s sort of helpful for SEO, and that their tips can lead to business success there. While some B2B marketers will likely remain skeptical, there’s no sign of Pinterest’s growth slowing anytime soon and the demographics are shifting, making the site at least worth keeping an eye on for now.

How To Get The Most Out Of Pinterest by Search Engine People

Matt BeswickAdvising “If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer or small business owner, do yourself a favor and join the site now,” Matt Beswick provides a concise but helpful guide to using the visual social network, from getting started and building a following to generating more traffic and properly categorizing your graphics.

Why Pinterest Is NOT Your SEO Miracle Worker by Search Engine Land

Jordan KastelerJordan Kasteler notes that while SEO practitioners initially flocked to Pinterest for its do-follow links, the site changed course and switched to the insidious no-follow links in March 2012. Nevertheless, he does suggest seven ways for SEO pros to constructively use Pinterest as a social network rather than a source of easy backlinks.

B2B Marketing & Pinterest: 5 Tips for Becoming the Ultimate Pinner by Marketo B2B Marketing and Sales Blog

Chris Russell offers five tips for using Pinterest for B2B marketing, such as “Pinterest’s search is all about keywords…simply adding a description (adjectives help!) will immediately get eyes on your pin…They’re basically the same rules as Yahoo search circa 1996.  Load up relevant, popular keywords in the description of your pins and boards and you are guaranteed to get more views/likes/follows.”

10 *Useful* Rules for Using Pinterest for Business [Infographic] by Unbounce

Oli GardnerOli Gardner provides the “10 commandments” of using Pinterest for business, in both text and infographic form, among them: “honor thy source,” “remember to be social” and perhaps most helpfully, “Research and measure your pins — A key here is to check Google Analytics to see the value of the Pinterest traffic you are getting…also don’t be afraid NOT to use Pinterest if you can’t make it successful.”

7 Surprising Pinterest Insights Every Marketer Needs by Heidi Cohen

Heidi CohenHeidi Cohen contends that if you are skipping Pinterest because you’ve heard it’s “a female dominated, crafting ghetto” then you are “missing out on an important social media marketing opportunity regardless of whether your business is B2C, B2B, not-for-profit or solopreneur oriented.” And she backs it up with research showing that Pinterest’s user base is increasing male, 80% prime working age (between 25 and 54 years old), highly engaged and mobile-savvy.

Pin to Win: The Ultimate Short Guide to Pinterest for Business by Social Media Today

Brett RelanderBrett Relander puts forth nine “no-fail guidelines” to business success on Twitter, such as “Keep your boards in order. A common mistake is to dump all your content onto one board. Instead, use different boards to break down content in a way that makes sense,” and “Take care with your links…Make sure that your Pinterest links take the viewer directly to the exact right content. Another important point is to check links for images that you are re-pinning. When you re-pin, you are implicitly delivering a recommendation, so make sure the link works and is not spam.”

25 Tips to More Effective Marketing on Pinterest by Brent Price Carnduff

Brent CarnduffBrent Carnduff suggests setting up a business page, verifying your account, tagging other Pinterest users, adding “follow me on Pinterest” and “Pin it” buttons to your website or blog, and creating boards with tutorials or product instructions among the more than two dozen helpful Pinterest tips here.