SMS tracking applications are gaining popularity among people across various aspects. They are being used by concerned parents to be able to know what their kids are into and they are even used by many companies and organizations to ensure their employees are doing what they are supposed to. A study has found that more than a million people use these spy applications for various reasons.

There are many SMS tracking applications available in the internet which you can check by searching TOP best sms tracking software in any search engine. These applications work in the background and don’t affect the performance of the phone. They even do more than just SMS tracking, some applications, apart form tracking SMS can also track calls, locations and various other things on the target device.

If you’re interested in using these SMS trackers, but are not aware of the TOP best sms tracking software, this article will help you.


mSpy is currently the most popular and efficient tracking software that is available. A survey has found that more than 95% of the mSpy users are satisfied with the performance of the application. The application not only works on mobile devices, it also works on computers. mSpy is supported by all the operating systems that are available in the market, like android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Microsoft windows.

The mSpy’s monitoring kit is one of the world’s most innovative mobile and desktop monitoring solution, and you can get all of these at a very affordable and discounted price. The iphone or the iOS version of the software can not only track and view text messages, but also can monitor social media network activities, view photos and videos, check email history, find the location, and can track the calls of the target device.

Apart from providing a plethora of tracking services, mSPy also enables you to securely store all your data in its cloud services, which comes bundled with its services. mSpy has a dedicated team of customer support that help its customer around the clock. The support works via chat, phone, and email, this ensures that you receive all kinds of support  whenever you need.

Mobile Spy

This tracking application has been used by more than 160,000 people spread across 150 countries. This software understands the needs of the employers and the parents who want to monitor on their employees and their kids respectively. This software is aadvanced tracking software which works on all modern smartphones, including android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices as well.

Mobile Spy is only available on the mobile devices,but it provides great tracking solutions. The software or the application lets you access the target devices’s call logs, SMS and MMS messages, usage statistics, device location, and various other things. It also provides you access to the contacts, social media profiles and mails of the target device.

The software doesn’t require any jailbreak and it can be installed easily on any device you want to. You also get around the clock support line, which you could use any time to clear your doubts. The application can be obtained free from the application store and to access all the features you need to obtain the full version of it as a monthly, half-yearly, or yearly subscription.

Spy Bubble

This is by far the simplest yet effective solution available for mobile tracking and monitoring. The software supports all the leading mobile operating systems, like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and even Symbian. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and can even be used by people who are not tech savvy or not fond of technology.

Spy Bubble enables you to read the sent and received messages of the target device, and it also has the ability to track the location of the device. The application also lets you into the contacts and the web browsers of the target device. This enables you to see the history of the websites visited and the amount of data spent on a particular website.

However, there’s a problem with the application which is, it’s not completely hidden from the plain sight. After a recent update the application tends to show an icon on the mobile screen all the time, which can be easily figured out by the target device’s user. This isn’t a big problem for the companies who want to spy on their employees, but it can be a problem for the parents, since the kids can find it easily.