For students, time is a valuable resource at their disposal. If you are one of them, you want to make sure that you manage your time effectively to not only get the most out of your academic life but also create a habit that will help you grow career-wise. However, when many students are planning for college, most of them forget to include a planner in their must-have list.

Despite the world going digital in almost everything, research shows that there is still power in the traditional planning of time. Effectively plan out your days, weeks and even months, and you will realize a difference in the ease with which you achieve your goals. However, to make sure that you are planning your days the right way, you need the best planner for college students, and that is what this article is all about.

Things to look for in a planner for college students

Before you go shopping for a planner, you need to understand the features to look for that would make your planning efficient and easy to follow.

The first thing to look for in a planner is the layout of the pages. You have three options: daily, weekly, or monthly and the choice will depend on the kind of goals you set. Choose one that will be easy to follow and abide by.

  • Daily page layout – This layout is the best if you are seeking to keep track of your hours and schedule them accordingly.
  • Weekly page layout – If you are looking to get alerts for events like exams, sports activities, study groups or finals, then the weekly page layout is the best for you. Still, go through the pages to confirm that it is what you need.
  • Monthly page layout – For the planners with monthly page layouts, you get two versions. One is exclusively a monthly planner and the other is a mix of a weekly and monthly planner. Either one of the two can be handy depending on the type of schedules you want to keep. You cannot say that one is superior to the other for sure.
  • Size of the planner

The other thing you want to determine before getting yourself a planner for college is its size. In other words, the amount of space you have for writing. In essence, the amount of writing you will need for planning will determine the right size of the planner to purchase.

For instance, if you will be writing a lot of information, then a big planner will be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you are not for detailed descriptions and analyses, a small one will just be fine. The good thing is that you can find the same planner in various sizes to suit your needs.

  • Type of planner

There are many reasons besides planning your time that would make you buy a planner. As such, it will be important that you know why you need one and get the right one for the purpose. For example, if you are seeking to jot down your goals and boost your productivity, then a success/goal planner will be best for you.

Such planners have distinct demarcations for writing down your goals, and others also include inspirational quotes. It is worth noting that academic planners are designed to fit the academic calendar, that is from August to July of the following year.

  • Portability

Some plans need to be made on the go, and that would require that you have your planner with you at all times. If that is the case for you, ensure that you get a portable planner thatwon’t bog you down with heavy weight. That way, you will have an easy time pulling it out and noting important stuff.

  • Organization

You have probably seen that one person who is always stuck on their planners trying to find something they wrote in it. It can get very confusing when the planner is not well organized. You need one that will not make it difficult to retrieve the information you input a few days before. Some of them come with a navigation feature where you access the entries quickly.

Top 5 planners for every college student

  1. Bloom Daily Planner – Tribal
  2. AT-A-GLANCE Weekly Appointment planner/book
  3. Blue Sky 2017 Weekly & Monthly planner
  4. Tools4Wisdom Planner
  5. Order Out of Chaos planner

Reviews for the top 3 planners for college students

Bloom Daily Planner

The first feature to like in this planner is that it comes with two calendars; one is the regular one, and the other is the academic year calendar. Furthermore, it comes with weekly and daily page layouts to make it easy to plan for your days and weeks. Other features include pockets on the inside, a tuff yet flexible cover, monthly tabs, and a spiral binding.

There is enough space to write your entries and customize your writing according to your preferences. Besides, you get pages for class scheduling and jotting down your goals.

AT-A-GLANCE Weekly Appointment planner/book

If you are the type to include a lot of details in your schedules, then this is the right planner for you. You will be able to plan for classes, meetings, appointments, and work schedules easily anytime. Better yet, you get to specify the time of the day an event is supposed to happen with breaks of 15 minutes to schedule anything that may come up abruptly.

The weekend layout is different since they are not class days. You will have the liberty to organize your Saturday and Sunday easily. If you are not into setting goals to be achieved during the day, this is the right planner for you.

Blue Sky 2017 Weekly & Monthly planner

As the name implies, this planner has both monthly and weekly layouts that are handy in keeping tabs on everything. The basic layout makes it easy for you to enter your schedules, with one side having the days Monday to Wednesday and the other Thursday and Friday. The weekend is split into Saturday and Sunday in two separate squares. Since it is not an academic planner, you will need to replace it annually, and the good thing is that it is budget-friendly and comes in different sizes.