Top 5 Ruby on Rails Software Development Companies

The web app framework named Ruby on Rails or simply RoR is gaining a huge popularity among the developers. A regular user has definitely stumbled upon this framework since such famous web applications like Twitch, Airbnb, Hulu, and GitHub are built with Ruby on Rails.

The main advantage of Ruby on Rails is a free access. It means that thousands of people may not only use it but also contribute to its development. The other benefits of using RoR include the resource efficiency, and incredible comfort and simplicity. If we convinced you to choose this framework to develop your future web app, it is important to find the best developer. The following companies are considered the best RoR developers in the market.

This famous company with the headquarters in Krakow deals with the mobile and web app development. The team of professionals works also with other technologies like PostgreSQL, HaProxy, Angular/Backbone JS, Nginx, Redshift, Redis, AWS etc. to build the best product for your needs. The statistics of Railsware is impressive because, during the 10 years of its existence, the development company has completed more than 90 projects with more than 60 satisfied customers. The significant projects of Railsware are TennisHub, Calendly, Mailtrap, BrightBytes etc.

This Russian brand has already expanded across the ocean. Flatstack was founded in 2005 in Kazan. Now, the company operates two offices – in New Orleans, LA, and Kazan. The name of the company was inspired by the Thomas Friedman’s book named “The World is Flat”. The company specializes in the development of mobile and web applications using Ruby on Rails. The Flatstack’s customers range from the funded startups to the large enterprises. The key projects of the developer are ACL, Niko Niko, GoGreenRide, Roadtrippers etc.

Another company from the post-Soviet area is called Rubyroid Labs. It was founded rather recently – in 2013 in Belarus. Nowadays, the company counts around 30 developers that are engaged in building both mobile and web applications from scratch, launching new startups, improving brand awareness, rebuilding and migrating web apps. Rubyroid Labs focuses on customer’s satisfaction in the key parameters namely quality, schedule, and budget. The key customers of the company include Sail Croatia, RocketWash, Volition etc.

Another Polish development company that is highly appreciated by the customers is named Visuality. This company specializes in Ruby on Rails development. Visuality was founded in 2007. The company aims at a profound analysis of the customer’s needs in order to offer the best product. If you work with this development company, you are offered with several stages of cooperation – initial workshop, prototyping, design, development, testing, and code audit. It should be noted that every two weeks from the development start the customers are provided with the new product version. The company can boast of more than 100 projects and such famous customers as PayPal, JTI, and National Geographic.

The final development company in our rating is from Ukraine. The core area of Syndicode is building mobile and web apps using Ruby on Rails. In addition, the engineers of the company also deal with Android and iOS apps development. The company attracts its customers with the agile iterative approach. The development company is rather young since it was founded in 2014. However, Syndicode has already gained fame among such prominent customers as Movinga, DreamWorks, HBO, WoodBridge, HotelCloud etc.