Do you have friends and/or relatives who are normally too loud? Even when the gossip is getting juicy, you can isolate yourself from the rest and have a moment to yourself for study. But how can one study when there is so much noise around them, you may wonder?

Well, thanks to great and innovative minds, there are study headphones that you can wear to shut out the noise and be able to study peacefully. But because there are different types and kinds of headphones out there, this post is meant to give you the ultimate guidelines to buying the best study headphones. So, read on…

To start us off, there are different headphones (and earphones) available in the market today. However, because you only need headphones that will help you study and keep the noise away, your choice of headphones should be specific. This basically means that the most recommended headphones to give a young student that extra push to study are noise cancellation (isolating)headphones.

What are the features of noise cancellation (isolating) headphones for students

  • All study headphones (or noise cancellation headphones) use microphones together with electronic processing which is meant to help eliminate the noise outside. The electronic processing works by creating an opposite sound wave, which effectively cancels the noise outside.
  • All noise cancelling headphones have a tiny microphone in the earpiece that is designed pick up ambient noise from traffic, air-handling systems, and so on.
  • Lastly, all noise cancellation headphones are battery powered.

Types of noise cancellation headphones for students

  • Over the ear noise cancellation (isolating) headphones

This type of headphones offers the best noise reduction and is ultimately the best choice for eliminating both high and low frequency sounds.

These headphones are bigger in size compared to their in the ear counterparts. So, if you want to use them in a very noisy place, then the over the ear headphones are the perfect choice for you. Basically, because they are physically large, there are designed to block more noise from the outside compared to in the ear headphones.

However, for students who wear glasses, over the ear headphones might not work as effectively for you since your glasses will be interfering with their placement. Therefore, if you wear study glasses, then the best option for you when it comes to study headphones would be in the ear headphones.

  • In the ear noise cancellation (isolating) headphones

Need to remove external lower sound frequencies from the outside? Then the in the ear noise cancellation headphones are a better pick for you. The biggest advantage when it comes to this choice of study headphones is the fact that they are easily portable and are functional for students who wear glasses.

Even though they may not offer the best noise reduction compared to over the ear ones, they are a good option, especially when you are on the go.

So, take a closer look at the two headphones and make a choice that suits you best. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. So, ultimately, with the different types of headphones, the choice will be yours to make depending on your comfort and the headphones’ effectiveness.

Tips for choosing noise cancellation (isolating) headphones for students

  • Decide on the type of headphones you want – Now that you know of the different types of noise cancelation headphones for students, your first step when choosing the best headphones is to know exactly what it is you need.

There are different models and designs of headphones. So, whether you go for over the ear or in the ear headphones, find a model that suits your style. For example, Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones have a cool design for students and are a majority’s favorite.

  • Choose your headphones depending on the pricing –Since all noise cancellation (isolating) headphones have different features, the headphones are priced differently depending on how effective they are. Therefore, just like it is when buying your shoes, or your clothes and so on, the price tag is very important.

Go for study headphones that are within your budget limits. However, this does not mean that you should compromise on quality in the name of saving some coins. You can still find good and functional study headphones that are affordable in the market.

  • Lastly, try them out if possible – Never forget that you are shopping for this kind of headphones because you need to keep the noise away. So, what better way to confirm that they are offering exactly that than by trying them out? So, have the headphones in place and ask someone to talk to you. If you can’t hear them, then perfect.

In addition to this, trying the headphones out will also help you find a perfect fit. As we all know, the headphones come in different sizes and it is best that you find the perfect size for you.