The visual appearance of any website holds an essential part of getting a higher ranking. The search engines work the same way when raking a site. They simply separate the excellent quality from the seemingly bad ones.

Every day billions of people browse the internet for various reasons. Some are looking for information; some turn online just for entertainment. However, you need to understand the underlying rule of attracting people and the attention of the search engine towards your website for better ranking. If you get in touch with a reputable expert SEO agency New York City, you will understand that anyone who is visiting a site has certain anticipation from the website. The first element, which a visitor notices, is the design of the website. Based on the design they decide whether to remain on the site or depart.


A website that has high bounce rate easily attracts the attention of the search engine. This might cause an adverse effect in web ranking. This is the reason; modern day SEO experts make it a point to focus on the website design as well as the development.


Tricks to Boost Ranking


There are some tricks which can be used to boost web ranking. Some of these tricks are eternal, meaning these can be used regardless of time and situation. Some of the tricks, however, are time-bound, meaning beyond a certain period, the tricks would lose the intensity.


The Layout


The layout of a website can create the desired first impression. This can be used to boost the brand image as well. This is why even today the first thing web designers focus on is the layout. The current trend is the one-page layout. This trick is rocking the search engines and creating a high wave in the ranking. You can try it and see how far the one-page layout takes your website. However, have an expert design the layout. A professional looking layout works like wonder when it comes to website ranking. However, if the layout lacks the professional touch, it might fail to do its job.


Be Flexible


This world has moved on to the small screen. From desktop to the laptop has been a great move. Now, it is the smartphone era. Though it might seem obvious that every website would be created keeping in mind the mobile users, you would be surprised to know how many sites fail to open correctly on smartphones. This makes visitors leave the websites. Don’t make this error. Google loves websites that are mobile friendly. In fact, your site will get an extra boost in ranking, if it is mobile friendly. This one is a timeless factor which will forever succeed in getting a higher ranking.


So, what are the ways you can create a better mobile experience? Increasing font size should be the first step. Because the mobile screens are much smaller than desktop or laptop, it is imperative that you increase the font size to offer comfort reading to the mobile users.


Adding viewport tag is another way to make your website mobile friendly. This will help display the layout which has been designed for mobile.


Website Color


While this might not seem like an important part, color plays a huge role in attracting people to a website. Similarly color chases visitors away too. You need to know how to play with the color to attract people to the site. To make it lively and jovial, you can use multiple colors. However, the SEO experts urge to restrict within three shades. They warn the designers not to overdo it. The current trend is to use less color. Plain background and some monochrome shade can do the trick. If you are wondering which monochrome colors to use, the experts have got the answer.


Following the latest trend, you can use mint green or purple. You can check with the current color tool for a better idea as well.


Double Sidebars


This is one of the styles which has been outdated yet is being used. This style does not help SEO. In fact, it creates a problem for the search engine ranking. Too many things together weigh down a website. Even if you can ignore that part, you cannot deny that double sidebar creates trouble when loading in a mobile. In case, you are still using this style error, try to remove it as soon as possible.




The current trend is – less is better. This is why most of the websites are turning minimalist. However, the question is – what is a minimalist webpage? To get the most effective minimalist design, make sure to have the menu where people can find it easily.


Well, there are other tricks which can help you get higher ranking in the search engine. However, you need to seek experts’ help you want your website to do well on the web.