10 Reasons Why Your Software Testing Is Important

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In a software development project, errors can appear in any of the stages of the life cycle, some of them even remain undiscovered. Hence the importance of testing software development is before you. There is a high probability that the final code has errors of both design, and functionality. To identify these problems before they occur in a critical environment, it’s necessary to perform Software testing, a very important part of the process, but also very expensive; however, we must bear in mind that the cost due to a failure while the software is running can be much higher.

Software Testing: A Key Aspect Of Quality

Beyond the certificates and general standards, from the Software Quality group, we wanted to analyze in one more detail one of the key aspects of quality. It is about software testing: it is the technique present in all projects and consists in carrying out operation tests of applications in controlled environments, to detect possible defects present before the product is put into operation and can originate any failure.

Here Are 10 Reasons That Underline The Importance Of Software Testing:

Number 1. The Software Testing Is Important. So, Do Not Start From Scratch Again.

Software testing indicate errors in the software: if you wait for the software to be tested after the development is complete, you may have to start over in case of failure. Therefore, it is always advisable to test the software in its development phase.

Number 2. To Know How Comfortable The Software Is

The popularity of software depends on how comfortable it is for the customer and how satisfied they are after use. Therefore, it is always necessary to test the software and make sure that errors do not occur before the software reaches the clients.

Number 3. Test So That Customers Do Not Lose Confidence In The Software

When buying a product, customers value the quality of the product. A poor quality product can cause customers to lose confidence in you, and this can affect your business. Therefore, it is important to have the software verified to avoid errors.

Number 4. Test To Avoid Additional Expenses

People always trust products that are affordable, have low maintenance costs and provide accurate and consistent results. A software or application that is full of errors can generate additional costs, and you can lose your customers. Therefore, the test software is important.

Number 5. To Know If The Product Has Bad Hidden Features

No customer accepts a product with poorly hidden characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a software test before inserting the software or application for the clients to detect hidden errors. This sets your software apart from its competitors if you truly appreciate the software testing process.

Number 6. Your Software Will Not End Up As An Error

The software test is necessary to ensure that the software does not become an error. It can cause a lot of money to be wasted, and all the efforts used to develop the application or maybe the software are wasted. I know that you never want your tool to be rejected by people, so it is important to do the software test to avoid making mistakes.

Number 7. Software Testing Guides To Determine Software Performance

An application or software with low performance can cloud your image in the market. People will lose their trust in you, and the reputation of your company will suffer. Some experts say that this is not remarkably important, but it is, simply because while you put your software on the market without a test and the performance is not the customer’s expectation, it will be difficult to convince people that it is good.

Number 8. You Can Verify All Aspects Of The Software

Software Testing allows you to see all aspects of the software, such as: For example, you can check the compatibility of the browser and, if you find an error, you have the option to correct them. This can save you from complaints once the software or application has reached customers.

Number 9. Another Reason Would Be To Determine The Quality Of The Software

As mentioned above, the quality of the software is very important in this competitive world. Before the product enters the real world, it must be properly tested by experts. Sometimes, a small mistake leads to a great loss and affects the reputation of the company. Therefore, the software testers are known as a quality control team.

Number 10. Software Testing Helps Accelerate The Development

Software testing helps developers find errors and scenarios to reproduce the error. This truly makes it so simple for the developer to fix it quickly. Besides, software testers can work in parallel with the development, accelerating the entire process.

If the tests are not effective, they can allow or maybe let defective software to reach the client causing serious problems. It is a very important element in the projects because it consumes 33% of all the effort devoted to development. In our studies, we have detected that on a total of 20 key aspects for the tests to be optimal, in a wide and varied sample of companies the average truly implemented is 8%. Also, only about 25% of professionals have specific training in this technique.

Test Levels

Integration Tests: The compatibility and functionality of the interfaces between the different ‘parts’ that make up a system are checked, these ‘parts’ can be modules, individual applications, client/server applications, etc. This type of testing is especially relevant in the distributed software

Validation Tests: These are the tests performed on fully integrated software to evaluate compliance with the specified requirements.

System Tests: the validated software is integrated with the rest of the system


The software testing community is one of the most active discussions and debates, and that is exactly how we like it. However, we can agree on at least one thing: software testing is an integral part of software development. An error can make a simple task take a little more time or effort. In any case, when this error becomes invisible, it can affect real people. So software testing is important to all of us.