10 Tips For Giving A Great Presentation


Apparently, the biggest fear of man would be to speak in public. It’s true that it does not feel comfortable speaking in front of 250 people, but frankly, I was more stressed when I jumped out of the bungee. Afterward, I suspect it depends on people. At the base, I’m a rather shy person, but I like to try some funky stuff to get past me. However, you can get some from Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to make your presentation remarkable one.

Without having to panic, below are 10 ways to assist in making your presentation striking as well as enjoy the chance to bask in the limelight.

In The End, We Always Win.

Tip #1: Come Off Your Comfort Zone– there is no secret, if you want to go to the great next level; you have to get out of your comfort zone. You will tell me that it has nothing to do with making a presentation, because if I had bungled myself when Benjamin Moscow had asked me if I wanted to propose a presentation to the WordCamp, everything would have been finished and you would not be reading this article.

The first thing is to get in danger by agreeing to give a presentation. Anyway, once you say yes, you will be hired, and no backtracking will be possible. I guess you’ve already attended boring presentations to die and you do not want that to be the case with yours. So what to do? And what to say? During my preparation, my research always led to the same result, come off your comfort zone, prepare for it to make the best out of it.

Tip #2: We Must Use Storytelling– a good presentation is a presentation that tells a story. On the one hand it is the simplest way to convey as much information to your audience, and on the other hand, it’s the best way to remind you of what you have to say.

This adds context to everything you will be talking about; no one will remember your endless smart lists, though if you tell a good story.

Tip # 3: Avoid Putting Too Much Text, Instead Opt For Pictures- a picture is worth a thousand words, it is well known, so why do we still see slideshows with text pads? People are there to attend a presentation, not to do a reading session.

Your slides should illustrate and support your speech, to give you ideas, most of my slides featured images from IconFinder, All Silhouette, and Flickr (use this service to find royalty free images). If you can not do otherwise, insert a sentence in the middle of your slide in a large size.

Tip #4: Be Honest– right before you could successfully present any information, you, first of all, require to be enthusiastic about the subject matter. In case you aren’t, your audience members may lose interest, which can make all of them lose confidence in you being a presenter as well as the information you might be attempting to communicate

Tip #5: If You Are Overtrained, You Will Outperform- it was, therefore, necessary to repeat this presentation to integrate the content. To give you an idea, Carmine Gallo told Forbes to have repeated 60 times the following presentation (if you speak English you will learn interesting things that are not foreign to this article)

For my part, I repeated my presentation four times. It is clear that with 60 times I could have been surer of myself, but I also had other priorities (work well!). And knowing that every training took me 40 minutes, it is not easy to make 10 per day. Come on; I’m just trying to apologize.

So, do you want to know what that gave? Come on, we’re on stage, and then, D-Day arrived, you’re going to go on stage for the first time. You have so often repeated that you could almost make your presentation without support.

You get the microphone.

The room is full, and the looks are pointing at you.

3, 2, 1, it’s up to you!

Tip # 6: Smile– greet the audience, introduce your speech quickly, then introduce yourself and say this is your first conference if actually, this is your first one. Nevertheless, do not apologize for your first conference. What do you apologize for? You have not said anything yet!

If I say that, it’s because I’ve heard it, If you are well prepared you know what you are going to say. If you have been asked to intervene, it’s that you master a minimum of your subject and that you think that you can learn something from others. What must be understood is that despite appearances, you are in a position of strength, you will pass on the knowledge that people have come to seek.

Your presentation will help them, so why be afraid? Now that you are launched unfold your speech as in training.

Tip # 7: Interact With The Public– during my presentation, I have engaged the public several times. It creates commitment, and it awakens those who would have had a good idea to dose. For example, I asked the room to raise their hand several times to see what people knew about this WordPress theme shop. At least I know that those who have not raised their hands will at least have learned something (and that my presentation will have been useful).

Tip # 8: Make Sense Of Humor– okay, everybody may not be very good at making jokes, but as you can see in this presentation humor can interfere everywhere (you also get a good dose of humility):

As for all the first timers, we usually go a little faster. Here, I put 23 minutes instead of 40 in training. I was a little disappointed but good, what is done is done.

If I had spent a lot more time training, I would have been more at ease so much the worse for me. The best thing about or regarding all this is that at the end, you still make yourself applaud.

Tip # 9: At The End, Enjoy The Applause– it’s a gift, following your presentation, the Q & A session will be held. This concerns your favorite field so you should not have too many problems. Luckily, it lasted a good twenty minutes. There was enough to make up for the time lost by my express service.

And hop a new burst of applause after the questions. I find it a big shame not to have had enough (after all, why deprive yourself?).

Already completed? This time it is. You just gave your first presentation! In fact, it was not that complicated. It would almost taste.

Tip #10: Ask For Feedback– only if I had known or perhaps remembered: I would have asked for feedback before leaving the scene, and feedbacks are important to ensure that the second presentation you’re going to give is better. As a result, I contacted all the people who tweeted during my speech to find out what they had thought, also you could find a technique you can use to make your presentation persuasive.

Finally, be smart and also appropriate, so folks are going to value your thoughtfulness not to mention your ideas.