2019 Web Design Trends


We’re heading into the last throes of 2018, which only means one thing: 2019 is almost here. While most people will go shopping for Christmas presents and think of resolutions they’ll break, your mind is set on your business. That’s why you’re here: you need a head start on the web design trends of 2019, and you need them now.

As always, Click Through Digital doesn’t disappoint its customers. With our knowledge of the industry, we’ve come up with the fashions which will take your site to new levels.

All you need to do is continue reading to find out more.

1.Mobile-Friendly Version

Although this seems as if it has been covered already in previous years, there has been a more important time for mobile websites. Their influence continues to grow, and here are a handful of stats for your information:

– Mobile users consume twice as many minutes as desktop users

– They’re active in the prime time slot of 8 pm to 12 am

– Over 60% of the world’s population has a mobile phone

– Mobile devices have the highest conversion rates

These are for 2018, and you can expect all of them to increase by the New Year. The number of phones, for example, is scheduled to hit 4.68bn by 2019 which cements their importance.

2.Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a method which boosts the load-up speed of mobile devices. In 2019, it’s expected to take on added significance thanks to Google. The latest updates to their algorithm are thought to give extra points to sites with AMP, so there’s a marketing impact.

However, that isn’t the end of the story. AMP also:

– Reduce bounce rate

– Exploit advertisements and sponsorships

– Optimise mobile users’ traffic

When phones with 3G and 4G capabilities load instantly, people don’t find cumbersome adverts as annoying so you can collect money from advertising without the usual drawbacks.

 3.Hamburger Menu

In short, this is three horizontal lines at the top of the page which looks like a hamburger. The reason it’s become popular is its impact on user interactions. Hiding the menu creates sharp, clean lines which aren’t intrusive and look good. Plus, more and more people know what the symbol means and understand to use it if they need help. With the word “menu” incorporated, on-site click-through rates should soar.

4.Bold Typography

With video content and images getting popular, it seems odd that text would be a crucial part of your web design strategy. The truth is, arranging the body makes it more appealing and grabs the attention of the browsers. Simplicity is a trend which is gaining more traction as advancements in tech make the world more complicated.

Things to consider are:

– The perfect fonts

– The size of fonts

– The spacing between lines and characters

– Text block width

– Font layouts

Remember that these impact everything from the reader experience to navigation so they’re worth considering before going live. Use headings and subheadings to explain the message concisely.

5.Video Headers

There’s no surprise that video content got a shout out. However, it’s not the vid itself but the header which will revolutionise the website. A dark multimedia platform with light writing explaining the gist is not only alluring; it’s also shareable. With the YouTube icon, anybody can copy the embed link and include it on their site. The marketing possibilities are endless, especially if it catches fire and goes viral.

6.Embeddable Infographics

On the topic of embeds, let’s take a look at infographics. These images are hugely popular with users because they break down complicated text into bitesize chunks. With a glance at the picture, anybody can take away the key points without getting bored or lost. Again, there is a viral quality to them as well as they are simple to embed. If that isn’t enough, they demonstrate your expertise by showcasing your credibility.

Interested parties should check out:

– BeFunky

– Visme

– Cacoo

– Snappa


Animations have been popular ever since the introduction of games such as Angry Birds. Millions of people play them, so it’s only logical they relate when they see them online. Of course, their interactive quality is exciting and engaging too and that makes them incredibly powerful.

Probably their most underrated feature is their ability to maintain quality. SVG graphics are set to skyrocket in 2019 because they stay the same regardless of rendering or resizing.

8.Parallax Scrolling

This is where the background image goes by slower than the foreground ones. What’s incredible about PS is its ability to create two-dimensional images which are “beyond the fold.” Plus, it makes your site seem contemporary and modern. Only, old-fashioned websites don’t utilise the scrolling culture of everyday browsers.

9.Card Layouts

Cards provide fantastic visibility for images, titles, and icons. In short, they allow you to show off the best features in one fell swoop. Or, you can tailor the cards depending on the time of year/what you’re trying to sell. Black Friday is an important date for eCommerce companies and you want to maximise profits. Cards let you advertise the most popular deals so that visitors see them as soon as they land.

Plus, it impacts:

– CTR (click-through-rate)

– Responsive web design

– Mobile communication

Oh, and there is the link with social media too. Cards are synonymous with Pinterest, one of the biggest platforms on the internet right now.

10.Icon Library

Icons are a big deal in web design today and the future as they make sites more pleasing on the eye. Not only that, but they provide info without the need for detailed explanations. As soon as a user sees a mobile app icon, they’ll know what it means. As well as these features, there are scalable without losing quality, a lot like animations. Last but not least, an icon library is supported on all platforms because it has a fast load-up speed.

Do you need help with your 2019 web design strategy? Get in touch with Click Through Digital now and get started ASAP. There is no time like the present.