The 3 Most Critical Aspects to Running a Successful Company Blog


Every business can benefit from running an in-house blog. Indeed, it’s practically irresponsible these days to expect decent returns on your website without staying on top of your company blog. A well-run blog will boost traffic to your website, generate solid leads, and engage with your customer base to let them know you’re a trusted voice in your industry. The benefits to running a blog are ubiquitously understood. But, like anything else, running a blog can be tough work. So here are the three most important elements to remember to keep your blog running smoothly:

Post Consistently

This goes without saying, but the best way to make your blog (and in turn your company) on the right track is to create content consistently. But take note, that doesn’t mean you need to write something new everyday. If that’s feasible, then great, but if not, don’t write a year’s worth of blogs in a month and run yourself into the ground. More important than bombarding your target audience with an onrush of blogs during a short period of time is establishing a threshold that your company can reach. Biting off more than you can chew in this regard will have an adverse effect.


Accentuate Your Positives

You can do this not only by posting great content to your site (a given), but also by observing the ways other companies similar to your own conduct their blog. For example: you can use online analytics to see what blogs your competitors achieved the most success with. If one of your competitors has hit paydirt with a certain keyword, or keywords, chances are you can as well. And then make sure to improve on their effort! (Natch.)


Bring in a Ringer

It’s great if your company is an authority in your field. But even the most distinguished blogs can benefit from a guest post from an expert. Imagine you’re writing a blog about scientific instruments like inoculation loops and specific test beakers. Who’s better than an actual scientist to give their opinion on the matter? Bringing in a special contributor also adds some diversity to your blog, and increases the chances of reaching a new audience. Plus, it can take the strain off your own employees a little bit! Every great blog relies on excellent content at its base; remember that, and you’ll have taken the first step toward crafting a dynamic, money-making blog.