3 Tips for Becoming a Travel Influencer


There’s a reason why so many people love traveling. Travel encompasses everything from scenic landscapes to exotic cultures, to delicious food, to the overall excitement of discovering the unknown. As the world of influencing becomes a popular way to make money doing something that you love, it’s no surprise why travel influencers are more common than ever. 

Travel influencers are revolutionizing the way we travel by sharing their globe-trotting experiences through stunning photographs, videos, and their own personal stories. And if you can manage to get it right, you can turn your passion for exploring into a full-fledged profession. 

However, you have your work cut out for you if you hope to stand out in a world of influencers. There are plenty of trailblazers who have already made a mark for themselves, so you’ll need to know how to stand out. The truth is, behind these influencers, there is a lot of hard work, patience, and marketing know-how. 

If you’re ready to turn your passion for travel into a viable career as a travel influencer, then here are some of the best tips to get you started.

Find Your Niche

There are plenty of travel accounts out there that feature general photos of people’s travel experiences. However, there are fewer accounts that have a unique niche and a personal voice. If you hope to stand out, you should find something that makes you different from the rest. 

Perhaps you’re a luxury traveler or you have eco-friendly travel tips. Maybe your focus is more on traveling with family. Try to find a way to center your account around something unique and specific. Having a niche will help you establish a strong brand identity and be more relatable on a personal level.

Be Relatable

Anyone can pick up a travel magazine or turn on the TV to watch someone touring the world. What’s unique about influencers is that they are much more relatable on a personal level. When posting content, be as relatable and authentic as possible. 

Sometimes this means being a little vulnerable. While you don’t have to share every single aspect of your life, the more willing you are to open up and share your personal journey, the more people will respond to the human touch

 behind your account.

Create High-Quality Content

High-quality content is critical in the world of influencing. Gone are the days when you could use a simple disposable camera. You need to make sure that you’re on top of your game when it comes to your equipment. 

Whether you decide to create your content with a full-fledged digital SLR or an iPhone Pro, you need to make sure that you know how to use your tools. If you’re really looking to go above and beyond, you may want to consider buying additional equipment like drones. The more high-tech and visually stunning your content is, the better chances you’ll have of people following you and sticking around.