3 Tips To Create an Effective SEO Link Building Strategy


A great link-building strategy can achieve lots of things for your website. This includes an increase in the referral traffic, organic ranking, and authority establishment. But what makes an effective link-building campaign?

While there are lots of lengthy guides on how to make one from the start and check if it works, here you’ll find something different. An additional bonus for those who are persistent with their goals.

We offer you a package of 3 tips that will lead your project to better link building strategies!

Discover Various Types of Backlinks and Methods of Building Them

There are several types of backlinks:

  • Editorial backlinks.
    The best type, this one is achieved by simply writing top-notch content, doing research and surveys other sites can refer to naturally.
  • Guest-posting mentions.
    Cooperating with another blogger or webmaster, you can contribute a high-quality post to their source with a natural link to your main page or a relevant publication.
  • Free-stuff links.
    Create a piece with valuable information. It can be a podcast, a guide, anything you can offer without charge. Other sources may link to it in one of their articles as reliable material that will help your target audience.
  • Publication bio links.
    If you’re offered an opportunity to write a blog post as a guest writer, ask if you could write a short bio and put a link to your site next to it.
  • Business profile links.
    Creating profiles on LinkedIn and Google My Business is a great opportunity to post a backlink for yourself.

There are even more.

For every type, you can find at least a couple of ways to build backlinks:

  • Asking to be included in a TOP-X post;
  • Asking to substitute a broken link with yours;
  • Offering a contribution as a guest writer;
  • Creating an award for other sites to post as a badge with a link to your source, etc.

Discover the options if you want to get a diverse, high-quality backlink profile. Train negotiation and communication skills, create a business pitch, and write articles that actually bring value.

Don’t hesitate to offer free information to the target audience. They will come back with gratitude and probably a desire to purchase your services now or in the future. Plus, there are digital tools that will help you achieve and maintain a proper backlink profile. Wiredelta.com has a guide on the choice of the best tools for your SEO link building strategy.

Arm Yourself with Effective and Secure Services for Link Building

Automating certain processes is crucial for an efficient backlink strategy in 2021. You can use digital tools for analysis and finding gaps where you could put your link. For example, using Google Alerts helps detect new mentions of your business or industry words to earn a mention with.

Simply register with the service and set an alarm for several words you might be referred to as, as well as keywords you optimize blog posts for.

Another example of a relevant ally is the Adsy backlink service that will help you get backlinks safely and relatively easily. The team uses guest posting to promote websites in any industry, which means that no matter whether you’re selling teddy bears or have a blog on heavy metal music, they will find opportunities for you!

Analyze Every Step of the Process, as Well as the Results

Analysis is one of the best keys to success. Not over-analyzing, just seeing how every part of the process performs. Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Your ‘point A’.
    When you want to go somewhere, you have points A and B, being your starting status and the one you’re walking towards. It’s the same in link-building. First of all, analyze your website, how it performs, and what condition your backlink profile is in.
  • Opportunities.
    Analyze websites you may get references from. What’s their Domain Authority? Is it suitable for you to contact the webmaster and start a negotiation at this point? Where do they have gaps for you to swoop in?
  • Competitors.
    How are they doing? Analyze their focus keywords, backlink strategies, where they get them, what rank they take at the moment. Knowing the pros and cons of their methodics will help you build a perfect campaign for your source.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go in a New Direction

These 3 recommendations should give you a new direction to add to your nearest link-building campaign. It’s an essential part of any SEO strategy, and some types of links are very easy to achieve.

And if you’re still wondering how to build backlinks that seem natural and bring value, find a service that will help. There are many high-quality companies like Adsy that will find partners for you, write blog posts, and help your pages to get to the highest rankings!