4 of the best protective cases for iPhone 6


4 of the best protective cases for iPhone 6

This article is about the best protective cases for iPhone 6 out there right now.

You’re always on the move, looking for new adventures and moments to capture with your much loved devices. You know your time is precious and life is rough and tumble at times, so an iPhone 6 case is a necessity.

It’s essential to have a protective case for your iPhone 6 as it’s your phone of choice. You already love it and have spent a lot of your hard-earned money on it, so why wouldn’t you want to protect it? Plus, we’re sure we don’t need to remind you that it stores your contacts and the memories of your life, and enables you to be connected to the world. Some of our protective cases are also waterproof, allowing you to read in the bath, take photos in the rain, and film your antics in the snow, knowing your iPhone 6 is safe from frostbite or water ingress. While you’re enjoying your hectic life, rushing here and there, you will be pleased to know our protective cases are drop proof, too. So a simple drop won’t be the end of your iPhone 6.

On top of all this, many of our protective cases are dirtproof. So when you’re quad biking in the mud or filming at this year’s coming festivals your, iPhone 6 will also be wearing its waterproofs. Should it get caked in glorious mud, it can be wiped off and won’t infiltrate your device’s ports.

We guess you’re wanting to know more, right? Well to, make it easier for you, we have taken time to compare some protective cases, so you can show your iPhone 6 just how much you appreciate it.

iPhone 6s/6 Waterproof Case, PUNKcase CRYSTAL | Lifetime Exchange Warranty


This case is for those who like style and subtlety, as it looks really good on your iPhone 6. Like a well-tailored suit, it hugs all the curves and shows off your iPhone’s best assets. The Crystal has crisp, clean good looks, and your photos and videos will look just as crisp as this case will not affect the quality of you capturing moments. This case wraps your iPhone 6 up snugly, while still maintaining access to all buttons, controls, camera, speaker and microphone, so you won’t even know it’s there. When not showing it off, that is! You can pick from 7 color shades, which are effected in stylish highlights around the edge.

The Crystal has everything you need when purchasing protective cases for iPhone 6. Here’s how it protects your phone:

  •         Waterproofing
  •         Dust Proofing
  •         Snow Proofing
  •         Drop Proofing
  •         Shockproofing
  •         An HD clear scratch resistant screen guard to complete the protection

iPhone 6/6s Punkcase SHIELD Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Though this is not strictly a case, it’s so protective we want to recommend it. This could be the one for you if you suffer from cracked screens, as it is built with the highest quality tempered glass to obtain the best HD clear visibility. This is a shield which covers the whole screen, unlike some other screen protectors. Check out its features:

  • We like its cool 2.5D rounded edges. It’s 0.33mm thick and has 9H hardness for superior protection, giving you some geeky facts to quote when your colleagues admire it.
  • We also discovered that it is designed with an oleophobic coating which provides a smooth touchscreen experience without fingerprint residues being left behind. No tackier screen, just clear vision, which is just what you want from protective cases for iPhone 6.
  • One top of all this, the Glass SHIELD has a 100% bubble-free silicone adhesive layer. This ensures bubble free installation, so you’re clear and good to go as soon as you fit it.

iPhone 6s/6 Case, PUNKcase [METALLIC PRO Series]


We love this one as it Super Cyber-Punk in style, with polycarbonate and TPU layers protecting your iPhone 6 from drops and falls. Meanwhile, the military-grade Aluminium Frame secures your device from all angles, making it structurally sound.

  • It may be built well, yet it is of surprisingly slim fit. This gives you ultimate protection without making your phone look like a tank!
  • This case has Air Cushion Technology and an Anti Shock System to ensure protection from drops or scratches.
  • We like the screen protector on this one. It is almost invisible, yet it still protects from high impact drops and scrapes.
  • There is no need to remove the case when charging – it gives easy access to all jacks and ports.
  • We love that this one is excellent for outdoor pursuits, as it comes with Carrying Clip & Case.

iPhone 6/6S Case, Ghostek Stash Black Wallet Case w/ Tempered Glass Protector | Premium PU Leather


We like the vintage look of this case with its 100% premium smooth PU leather, which comes in a choice of 3 colours. We recommend this for you if you want a very thin and lightweight case that doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality. Although lightweight, the Stash comes with a Glass Armor 9H 0.33mm thick tempered glass screen protector for extra toughness. You’ll also get Ghostek’s famous Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty.

This is a cleverly designed wallet case that doubles as a kickstand, so you can watch your videos and movies in comfort. It’s also great for shopping trips, as it features a two-pocket wallet for your credit cards, IDs, and cash. When selecting your protective cases for iPhone 6 we recommend this one for looks and functionality.

To sum up, you’re a smart iPhone 6 owner. You know you need a case to keep you in synch with this amazingly connected world. One drop and you could be out of the loop, and out of pocket. We hope you found a great option for you among these protective cases for iPhone 6.