4 Promising Investment Sectors According to Paul Belogour


With thousands of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs, it is difficult to make the right call and enjoy a healthy return on investment without extra risks. To help you select the right industry or niche, we’ll share the most promising sectors for investment, as defined by Paul Belogour.

Who Is Pavel Belogour?

Mr. Belogour has been running investment businesses since 2001, after leaving a position in the foreign exchange department of the Bank of Boston. CBFX turned into success and caught the attention of City Index. Later Pavel Belogour emerged on the market with BMFN. As the current CEO of BMFN, he helps thousands of individual brokers and investors across the world make money using international trading tools and innovative software.

Mr. Belogour on the Most Profitable Industries to Invest in

According to Pavel Belogour, there are several options open for the newcomer and seasoned investors that can bring considerable profits:

  • Technology has been the driver of new markets. The Internet has turned from a source of entertainment and information into a lucrative business opportunity for cloud-based services. Paul Belogour recommends paying attention to SaaS business models that cater to business needs. Companies, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and others, have shown steady growth over the last years. Besides software development vendors, technology sector includes electronics producers, AI developers, electric vehicle manufacturers, and more. The variety of available technology investment options is staggering, and you can choose a safe bet or take a risk, depending on your strategy.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is another solid choice for careful investors, according to Mr. Belogour. The aging population in the US and Western European countries keeps the demand for prescription drugs at an all-time high. Over 70% of American citizens require regular medication. As a result, pharmaceutical sales stay high through economic slumps and crises. The pharmaceutical industry boasts international growth opportunities to huge markets, such as China and India, while recent IT development in new treatment types, including gene therapy, show immense promise. However, Pavel Belogour urges newcomer brokers to investigate Big Pharma companies before investing to ensure there are no media scandals or class action suits in the making.
  • Commodities trading is a timeless investment option. Investing in raw materials or commodities stocks can diversify your portfolio and produce returns whenever other stocks take a plunge. Commodity trading is also an efficient inflation defense. Moreover, the development of global infrastructure projects over recent years has caused an increase in commodity prices. On the other hand, commodities are prone to extreme volatility because prices depend on seasonal demand, economic conditions, import restrictions, political changes, and more. Mr. Belogour does not recommend this sector for inexperienced investors and brokers.
  • Mutual funds provide newcomers with a chance for low-stress and low-risk investment. The variety of mutual funds allows you to invest with as little as $1,000 and slowly build up and diversify your portfolio. According to Pavel Belogour, there is a wide variety of no-load fund companies that will not charge commissions or extra fees.

Listed above are general recommendations by Mr. Belogour to help you identify promising sectors. Always research potential investment opportunities, weigh the risks and profits, try demo accounts, and consult professionals before committing to a strategy.