4 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Startups


SEO can be a lucrative business for startups. In search engines, users rarely look past the first page of results, meaning that if your business shows up after that first page, your chances of being seen are slim to none. SEO is an effective way to rank higher in search engines and drive traffic toward your business.

Here are some SEO strategies and the ways they can benefit your startup:

Measurable Results

There are four primary things that SEO measures: traffic, ranking, engagement, and conversions. Traffic just means the amount of visitors you have coming in and out now your website. Measuring traffic allows you to see where you stand and find out if your website needs further optimization.

Engagement is the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. Measuring engagement is important because it shows you if your website visitors are having a pleasant user experience, meaning they spend more time on your site.

Your site’s ranking shows you if your content is focused enough and if you are reaching your target demographic. It can also show you how you rank compared to your competitors.

Conversions are when your website visitors perform an action that you asked them to do. For example, someone subscribing to your newsletter is a conversion.

Measuring these things can be challenging without the help of an SEO expert. Romain Berg is an example of an SEO agency with a team of experts who can help your startup measure these factors and create a successful, high-ranking website.

Increased Brand Awareness

The simplest reason for using SEO is to increase brand awareness. Awareness is powerful because consumers are quicker to trust something that has a lot of exposure. Whatever is popular sells more than its lesser known counterparts. By creating an optimized website with focused content, well-placed keywords, and a navigable interface, you can end up on the first page of search engines. Once you’re there, the traffic will begin to roll in steadily, making your website seem more credible.

Customer Insights

SEO allows you to analyze lots of data that you’d otherwise neglect. A lot of this data pertains to your demographic and the profitable areas of your website. Once your website is optimized and lots of traffic is flowing in, you can learn more about that traffic by using Google Analytics. You’ll find out things like the browser that is most commonly used to access your site, how much time people are spending on your website, what they’re focusing on, and more.

You can use this information to improve your SEO strategies even more and appeal to your target demographic in a more specific way. For these reasons, SEO is a smart investment that generates great results.

Low Costs

SEO is a low cost practice. It can be even free if you know how to use the strategies yourself. Many tools, like Google Analytics, are also free to use. These programs give you access to large amounts of invaluable data. Although, SEO is an involved process that can take up lots of your time. SEO is a niche field that many people don’t know how to properly grasp. That’s because there’s so many intricacies involved with web development and understanding the algorithms of search engines.

Hiring an SEO expert is usually cost-effective and it will save you from having to understand these complicated methods yourself. Rather than being intimidated by the practice, do some research about how you can use these strategies yourself. Alternatively, try and find an SEO expert in your area who knows the ins and outs of SEO.