4 Ways To Help Your Remote Employees be Successful


Many people are opting to work from home instead of in an office setting for various reasons. Thankfully, this option is becoming more accessible in companies worldwide due to advances in technology. However, employees who work from home often are unsatisfied. If you are having trouble maintaining a productive remote team, here are four ways you can help your employees be more successful and happy in a home environment.  

1. Utilize Technology

Your remote employees are more likely to succeed when they have the right tools, applications and hardware. Consider their job description and what will help them achieve their goals. Would dual monitors or a project management program allow them to be successful? Perhaps making and receiving calls is crucial to fulfilling their position. If so, you may consider using a softphone, but what is a softphone? These applications allow users to make and receive calls using the internet rather than a desktop phone. Remote workers may prefer this to ordinary phones if desk space at their home is limited.

2. Enforce Regular Communication

Remote employees may feel disconnected from the rest of the team if they aren’t engaged in daily communication. One way you can mitigate feelings of seclusion is by utilizing company messaging systems like Slack or Microsoft Teams. These applications make communicating within your work teams efficient and time-sensitive. Additionally, when you make an effort to interact with employees who work from home regularly, they are less likely to feel left out, disengaged, and distracted. 

3. Conduct Daily Video Calls

According to Harvard Business Review, one complaint many remote employees have is not enough opportunities for face-to-face interactions. However, video calls can be a daily occurrence for people working from home. Managers can perform team huddles and one-on-ones using tools like Zoom or Google Meets. These tools make remote meetings seem more personal and also help reduce distractions. This could also persuade many people working from home to dress for success, rather than work in their pajamas all day. 

4. Encourage a Dedicated Workspace

Sure, working from a laptop in bed may seem nice, but in reality, this situation isn’t ideal. When remote workers establish a dedicated workspace, they are more likely to be productive, engaged, and satisfied with their job responsibilities. In a recent Forbes article, business professionals suggest that investing in a home office setup for employees is similar to investing in a business meeting or conference. It is essential for company growth and progress. Likewise, if employees establish a private office away from other distractions, this is more likely to promote a thriving virtual work environment. 

When so many people are working from home now more than ever, helping your remote workers be successful is essential to both them and you. Happy employees often equal better production and profit.  You can assist your remote employees by verifying they have the right software and hardware and maintaining regular communication. Regular video calls can also establish more personal one-on-one meetings and keep workers feeling connected and engaged.