5 Best Mobile Apps for Running Your Business Effectively


If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs your smartphone is more precious to you than your laptop. You find yourself using it to do just about everything and would be hopeless without it. Your smartphone allows you to do business whether you’re home, in the car, or out of town. As such, it would only be right to invest in the best mobile applications to help you get the job done quicker. Below, are a few mobile apps to consider:

  1. Expense Tracking– For business owners who are always on the go, getting an expense tracking app would be a great choice. Keeping track of paper receipts and corporate transactions can be a pain, but expense tracking apps make it easier. With apps that allow you to keep track of your credit card transactions as well as take snapshots of paper receipts, you can sync with your accounting software later for accurate reporting.
  2. Event Planning– Corporate events and meetings are a part of the entrepreneurial scene. If you want to get in with the who’s who of business, you have to host an event or two at some point. Many businesses have taken advantage of the uses of a live engagement event app to improve the outcome of their conferences, meetings, and trade shows. With the ability to share information with attendees in real-time, review live footage, take surveys and provide commentary, and even play games, you can easily turn your attendees into active participants at your event.
  3. Social Media Management – With so many social media platforms out there to manage, it can be challenging to try to manage pages individually. Jumping from one social media site to another can become a tedious and taxing responsibility. Keeping up with posts, remembering to respond to followers, and managing the day to day social media tasks can be made easier with social media management apps. With features that allow you to schedule posts, interact with followers, and share information simultaneously, you can save a lot of time and remain active on all of your social media accounts.
  4. Memos/Notes – Trying to remember everything you have to do in business can be daunting. Rather than trying to keep it all in your head you could download a virtual notepad. Many of these applications are free but allow you to keep things in order when you’re not in front of the desk. Whether you need to save and store a photo, save a hyperlink, or jot down an idea, you can do so from your smartphone and attach a reminder to it, so you don’t forget.
  5. Cloud-Based Storage– Have you ever needed to gain access to a file or document but you’re not near a computer? Thanks to cloud-based storage accounts you can grab your work from anywhere you can access the internet. Many applications are free and allow you to retrieve files, make edits, and share them with others.

As an entrepreneur, you wear a lot of hats and you’re always on the go. Fortunately, no matter where you are, you have your smartphone with you. Search for the best iPhone or Android applications to help you run your business more effectively and lighten your workload.