5 Easy Steps to Build a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign


According to Mediakix.com, Instagram Influencer marketing as an industry is going to grow to 2.3 billion size by 2020. Celebrity endorsements have always been an integral part of an average marketing campaign. But how cost-effective a celebrity endorsement can be is a question worth pondering upon.

Consumer’s outlook is changing and they also complete adequate research before purchasing any new product. Thanks to Social media this task is easier for them then it is for marketers. Amongst the multiple methods available Influencer marketing has been really strong and trustworthy and here we are giving you 5 Easy Steps to Build a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign.

1. Identification of Key influencers

When you first think about establishing an influencer marketing campaign the first thought that comes to your mind is who to choose. It is obvious that for better results you need to pick up people who have some sort of say when it comes to convincing your target audience. Fortunately, there are multiple tools which would help you figure out what kind of influencers and content gets the maximum attention. The following pointers would make your job of choosing the right one easy:

  • A person should be an active blogger and his presence on social media and other channels noticeable.
  • Amongst his followers, a large segment should be of your target audience.
  • He should have written or mentioned about a topic that is relevant for your brand.
  • The posts he publishes should be getting engagement.
  • He must have engaged with other similar companies or content.

2. Targeting the list you made

Your next job is to now target the influencers which you have shortlisted. Keep an eye on their activity on social media and other platforms. See what kind of tone they are regularly using. Also, grasp the manner in which they engage with their followers. They might be interacting on a daily basis or engaging in a question and answer session once a week. Just understand the trend they are using.  With this exercise, you would be able to shortlist only those influencers which are actually worth the time and attention and would give you the returns expected.

3. Establishing a relationship

Next, you have to try and build a convincing relationship with the influencers you have decided to target. Generally, we consider this as an unimportant step and quickly want to move to the next step which is to contact them and share our content with them. However, doing that can really dim your chances of having a fruitful relationship in the long run. Instead first start by engaging with them on social media, commenting on their posts and sharing what they have posted. When you establish a mutual trust with them then only it is suitable for you to pursue matters further. You can also contact an influencer marketing agency to help you project yourself as a medium they would want to deal with.

4. Engaging with the influencers

Now is the most important step that you have to take and that is to engage with your influencers. The below-mentioned tricks can be useful in doing so:

  • Direct outreach marketing campaigns
  • Asking influencers to create content for you
  • You can request them to comment on your content on social media.
  • Reviewing products and services.
  • Promoting them on our social media and website.

You must pay attention to how the influencers have engaged with others in the past as that is how they would prefer doing so now too. For example, if influencer posts and shares content on Twitter you must target him on the same platform too.

5. Eliminate those who are not interested

Not all of the influencers would be convinced into proceeding further with your favor. If after one email they do not respond it could be that they are busy elsewhere. However, after a few pursuing emails if there is no revertal move on and cut such influencers from your list. It is quite possible that they are no longer interested in pursuing the matter further. You can also remove those who you feel are not generating the kind of results you wanted them to.


Influencer marketing has become quite popular these days thanks to the rapid use of Social media. Follow the above tips to establish a strong influencer marketing strategy in place. If in confusion you can also look for professional help to do so for you.