5 Effective Blog Writing Styles to Engage Readers


In today’s digital era, there are different writing styles for blog posts that are recommended to engage the readers. The upcoming bloggers are keen to learn tactics to create and publish original content. They desire to learn the secrets that can help them appropriately target their readers. Generally, it is noted that readers are more interested in relatable stories and valuable information. In this article, I am going to discuss effective writing styles that can help you capture a considerable proportion of online readers.

#1: Personal Narrative

Personal narrative style attempts to discuss the true story that you experienced in the past. The prime objective of storytelling is to educate the audience, help & inspire readers, and heal others who are going through a similar situation. If being a blogger, you don’t feel safe and comfortable to express true accounts of events; you can write an anonymous blog using a forum that will protect your identity.

#2: Open Letter

An open letter style is when you attempt to post a blog for one particular person, but you share it publicly. This type of blogging style is used to either congratulate or shame by calling out an individual or highlighting a group of individuals.  

#3: Rebuttal

The rebuttal is a compelling blog post style used by the blogger to raise voice against oppression, false information, rumors, and political propagandas. The author writes a blog to share his views, opinions, or perceptions. He shares verified news to back his stance and debate about controversial subjects. 

#4: Instructional

An instructional blog post is shared to tell readers to follow a series of steps in order to achieve something; for instance, 5 easy steps to bake chocolate brownie in less than an hour. You can see a lot of instructional blog posts over the Internet.

#5: Confessional

Lastly, I have the trendiest writing style for a blog post of 2020. Over recent times, this style has been continuously employed by reputable bloggers to share a highly dramatic event or discuss salacious content. Confessional style is entirely different from the personal narrative blogging due to its prime objective to shock or irritate a group of individuals.