5 Key-Steps for Motivation Development in Employees


Dedication of those working is what is necessary for the success of an organization. The owner of the company naturally has a belief in the company, and he/she strives to make it successful and productive in the market. But for that the owner needs not just to be a boss but a leader. One who is dedicated and sincere to the company’s’ core. However, the same cannot be said for the employees of an organization as their main mission one way or another is to get paid or to get experience. Only a few employees are genuinely interested in the welfare of the company, not the entire population.

Employees need two things to boost the desired sincerity, that is the first motivation and second recognition. That not a boss but a leader can change. Motivating and providing them recognition goes beyond the traditional incentive system, it includes being more creative thinking and acting outside the box.

Following techniques can be useful to develop more motivation among employees:

Develop a Vision:

For a leader to lead his/her team successfully a properly developed vision needs to be present. If the employees can relate and understand the future of the company, it would help in the upbringing of a more committed workforce. Better results will be achieved once the employees feel more connected and belonged to the company. They will work towards a joint goal instead of achieving an individual goal. The vision should however be more complete and engaging. It should include the importance of employees, teamwork and collective goals. Not the simple individual goals of the company itself. It is a common phenomenon that when the goals are combined and collective then the people involved working together to get the best of everything. Similarly, if the goals of the organization address everyone working in it, it would in turn motivate everyone to work together and achieve something on a large scale.

Create a Brand Identity:

Reputation is the other name of brand success. When an organization works in a market the number of customers and the number of future employees depends upon the brand recognition and the image it holds. Therefore, to ensure image sustainability one must be creative and introduce things such as mugs, lanyards, pens. Wall hangings with a company logo or punch line pasted on them. This way wherever these small things are carried out people will get to know about the brand itself and knowledge about not just its existence but also the function of the company.

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Create a Work-life Balance:

For a leader, it is important to understand that human beings are no machines. They are people with families and social lives, they are not machines. To achieve maximum productivity, it is important to understand and satisfy their basic human needs. Overworking them like a machine will not only decrease work quality but might also lead to a turnover or better organizational reputation. Thus, for the employees to own up to the company agenda the company must own up to employees and develop an understanding leadership system such as setting realistic time limits, introducing flexible working hours, allowing leaves et cetera.

Increase Employee Morale:

The management needs to take responsibility as well as the care of the employees. Showing care can be anything from arranging a surprise birthday party to sending gifts. This would make the employees feel important and at the same time valued to the organization. Let me remind you employee satisfaction is something and it plays a great role in their commitment and work performance. Once they know they know that they are loved in the organization they will automatically start to follow the give and take principle. In short input of recognition would give the output of better work beyond the necessary limits.

Break the Task for Them:

Being the owner of the organization, one is provided with huge tasks and goals to achieve. The frustration it causes can be understood. Having such a big burden on shoulders can often go to the nerves of the boss which in turn can affect the relationship and work effectivity. Therefore, it is smart to segregate the task into smaller entities and then appoint them to different employees according to their capacity. One can break the work daily, weekly basis or quarterly basis. It depends on the nature of the work. After that you would be amazed at how easy it is to handle big challenges.

The following steps are excessively effective in creating employee morale in the workplace. Devising an effective strategy and adjusting it according to the situation is the key.