5 Reasons Why Professionals Should Buy The iPhone 7


iPhone is a gadget that is totally designed out of excellence. Professionals who work in top MNCs and businesses look to showcase their richness in terms of gadgets and appearance. They do this by using the prefered smartphone. In the recent past, people have been using iPhones of different models to maintain their standards both in front of clients, friends, and family. However, its feasibility and attraction grabbed the eye of people.

In 2014, iPhone 7 plus was unleashed and of course, there were many obligations and consequences that came up for the previous versions. It is not that they were not meant to be used, but they could be eventually chosen according to their usability. The iPhone 7 Plus has a small screen of 4.7 inches which is comfortable for anyone to carry.

Look into the following reasons why professionals should buy an iPhone 7. Also why You can also buy iPhone 7 plus unlocked phone:

  1. Water and dust resistant

People are adapting to the advanced technology and are using enhanced gadgets that are water and dust resistant. The iPhone 7 has that capacity which resists dust and water. This advantage mainly benefits those who deal with kids and those related to water and smoky businesses.

The iPhone 7 is protected and rated under IP67 which means International Protection marked by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission with a depth about 60529).

According to the IEC, the iPhone 7 is able to handle up to 30 minutes of immersion in water. While iPhone is known for dust resistance, iPhone 7 is appreciated for its water resistance.

It makes sense to use a hassle-free device that can withstand water and dust. This is more useful for those who have bothered their previous smartphones with such circumstances. If the phone is splashed or becomes dusty, water resistance in the gadget may not completely protect the device. Manually the device has to removed and cleaned with a soft cloth to make sure it is free from water and dust.

  1. Excellent display

OLED displays are astonishing these days – they work well without any backlight which emits a common and visible light. So, it is lighter and thinner than LCD lights and displays in the deeper levels of the screen. But it is a bit complicated and is the newest one too.

In the iPhone 7, the screen that displays is an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). In many tests that have been conducted on the functionalities of screens, LCD has been nominated as the best display with excellent color and perfect contrasts. It is noted as the sharpest display that is comfortable to see and is indeed safe.

  1. Has Touch ID but no notch

iPhone X and the newest releases lack the home button and offer Face ID recognition to unlock the phone. But the drawback here is it takes more time to load. Instead, Touch ID in iPhone 7 is fast and secure, eventually built with a passcode to protect from damages and misuses. The fingerprint access allows each and every minute transaction and purchase in the app store.

Notch is a True Depth camera system that is praised for its safety functionality and because it can sense the touch display edge-by-edge. Video watching is made difficult with the notch. Because of this, the video may be collapsed in the top and bottom. In iPhone 7 there is no notch and people find it comfortable for using any application without any problem.

  1. Durable battery life and excellent camera

The battery of the iPhone 7 last 2 hours more than the iPhone 6 which has the same display size. This may help in traveling, meeting, or in any urgency. Even if background applications are running on the iPhone 7, power is not wasted. Keeping extra power for a longer time is what every smartphone user looks for.

Best Camera

iPhone 7 has a 12MP camera that is significantly more than iPhone 6 and the rear camera is known to be used by the professionals who work on different projects. Use of front-facing camera is higher in recent days. The smart and effective LED has a brighter display even in low light. This camera can also be used for image stabilization in many action-based shots. Video capturing has a high resolution which can capture more than 2160p@30fps. HDR and panorama picturization are its highlights.

  1. Affordable price

Price is the foremost thing that comes into mind while purchasing a smartphone. It is suggested to check the features and considerable validities with respect to the cost that is varied with the market and trends. iPhone has the highest revenue today because of its beautiful and professional specifications. Eventually, people who want convenient and affordable smartphones can select the iPhone 7 as their choice.

As with the comparison with the recent models, iPhone 7, 7 Plus cost $499 and $569 respectively. A refurbished iPhone 7 costs less compared to the original one. Its specifications are same as the original one but are used once and are manipulated and certified by Apple with a new battery.

Reasonability is seen in terms of refurbished iPhones. The cost also varies with the different colors of the iPhone 7(silver, gold, rose gold, piano black, jet black).

When compared with the latest models of iPhone i.e, iPhone XR, X Max, and so on they are very much costly when compared with the iPhone and would be varied in minute changes and modifications like A10 fusion and Quad core features. TheĀ  recent iPhone model costs more than $1000.


Besides the above-mentioned reasons, iPhone 7 has better storage up to 256GB which is proportionate to the cost. iPhone 7 and its sibling model iPhone 7 Plus are similar but with minutes changes in display and contrasts.

For any professional or business purposes, iPhone 7 would be the best choice for carrying and utilizing its features both for personal and business activities. It sometimes makes people seem more successful. It is a suggested piece of technology for entrepreneurs who need simplified and effective technology which helps their business grow.