5 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration System for Your Business


5 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration System for Your Business

A reliable and economical refrigeration system is a must for any business or start-up where food needs to be stored or displayed.Restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores or businesses involving any kind of food storage or production require functional fridges and freezers that protect stock and ensure the safety of customers.

Here are five things to look for when choosing the right commercial refrigeration system for yourbusiness.

Evaluate Your Storage Needs

The size of your refrigeration space will depend on a number of factors. First, you will need to assess the amount of space available to you in your commercial and/or storage area. If floor area is limited, you may want to make full use of your vertical space to maximize the number of products and amount of stock you can store or display. Also consider installing any extra cold storage that you may need as your business grows.

Choose Your Style

The exact kind of fridges or freezers you need will depend on your type of business. If you are running any kind of shop or commercial outlet, you will want display fridges or freezers that showcase your products in an attractive manner. If your business relies mainly on longer-term storage, then chest or walk-in freezers may be the best option. Of course, many businesses will require a combination of the two for front- and rear-of-shop requirements.

Think Energy Efficiency

In an age of rising electricity prices, energy efficient refrigeration systems are a must for any business. Energy usage can vary significantly from brand to brand. While the most efficient models can be more expensive, they can significantly reduce electricity costs and save money in the long run. In addition, some energy efficient refrigeration systems may qualify for tax breaks that could reduce the cost of your initial investment.

Choose a Reliable Brand

Reliability is key when choosing a commercial refrigeration system. It is essential that your fridges and freezers keep your food cold or frozen 24 hours a day. Equipment failures of any kind can be extremely costly through spoiled stock and unhappy customers. Remember that even the most durable fridges and freezers need regular maintenance and will likely require repair at some point. Be sure to have the contact details of a reliable repair and maintenance service on hand to minimise any risks. If you don’t already have a regular maintenance service, Thomson Local provide a list of freezer servicing companies in your area.


When it comes to refrigeration, ease of use is essential not only for your customers, but for you and your staff as well. From the customer’s point of view, doors should be easy to open and close and all products should be easily accessible. For you and your staff, the refrigeration units should be easy to pack and clean, and temperature controls should be easily accessible and simple to operate.