It creates a very frustrating situation for the writers when their blog posts don’t have sufficient conversions. Thousands of Bloggers publish articles every day in their blogs. While some have the maximum conversion rate, some are left by the readers halfway and some are not even clicked by the readers. If you are facing the same crisis as a blogger or willing to start your new blog; follow these 5 useful tips to write quality blog content for maximum conversions.

1. Understand your Audience

Before you start writing the blogs, it is important that you understand what your audience is looking for. You can find tons of niches and topics to choose for your blog and hence it becomes hard to decide which one will be the best. You can conduct social media polls to vote for topics; do a keyword analysis to find the most searched ones, or even post questions in Quora to find what the majority of audiences are into.

2. Take care of Grammars

Grammatical mistakes and plagiarism are not allowed while you are writing blogs. It degrades your reputation as a writer. The best way to correct your grammatical errors quickly is with Grammarly.

Grammarly free trial helps in quickly analyzing your grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and also detects plagiarism. The Grammarly cost comes for the premium version with different subscription plans and other advanced features.

3. Create catchy Headlines

90 percent of readers open posts by headlines. So, once you have finalized the topic; create interesting headlines to attract readers. For example- Instead of writing ‘How to live your dreams by eliminating self-doubt’; go for ‘5 killer ways to reduce self-doubt and live your dreams’. Try to spin and play with words in order to make sure your headline is easily scannable and attractive. For better results; use the Headline Analyzer tools to see the market value of your chosen headline.

4. Maintain a layout of your blog

Your blog should be engaging enough to hold the interest of the readers. Start with an interesting introduction in brief and divide the main body into sections with subheadings. You can also keep bullet points as it increases scannability. For more content productivity, use attractive images for illustrations or you can also go for infographics as that interest the readers very much. End it with a conclusion expressing your views about the topic.

5. Be SEO optimized

Creating SEO optimized blog posts will help it to have a higher ranking in Google. Make sure you use SEO friendly keywords, proper meta title with meta description, alt attributes for images if used, backlinks, etc to help it rank well in SERP pages. For better results, you can also use the call to action buttons for sharing or commenting in your blog post to increase user interaction and the reader’s fan base of your blog.