6 Factors to Consider When Looking For High-Quality Digital Signage Solutions


Digital signage use has grown significantly over the years. Schools, auto dealership shops, showrooms, museums, art galleries, etc. have incorporated digital signage to increase their reach to customers. The displays have information about the business enterprises, products or services offered as well as educative or entertaining information.

To get the best out of your digital signage, you should keep the following in mind:

  • The digital signage templates

In most cases, you will need templates to display your content on. The best templates have a professional structure that involves categorization, use of rows and columns, hierarchical order for texts, subtle but enough use of images, visual balance of color, images and text on the screen displays, correct design formats, and templates designed to fit the display screen. There are many templates in the market but you should only use one that has a suitable form.

  • The type of software

A software package is required for functioning of the digital signage. The best software is reasonably priced, has customizable templates, has a content management system, is easy to use, and is one with remote management. It should also be obtained from a developer willing to offer training and technical support services. These services should be offered 24-7-365 or for as long as the software is used.

The main types of digital signage software include open source software, commercial downloadable software, commercial SaaS, Device-Centric software, Bundle Display, Hybrid, and WordPress. The choice of software depends on the effects and features you are looking for.

  • Its remote management

Most businesses have digital signage displayed in different locations across towns or a city. Multiple control points result in high operational costs. Therefore, there should be a central control and a remote control system for the digital signage displays. Not only does this save time and money, but it also ensures that you can work in a flexible manner.

  • The media player

The media player is the most important part of the digital signage. Visual aids and effects are great but you can create a greater impact using sound. You should have the best digital media player installed. Ensure that it is compatible with the software used. These small devices can be plugged into your TV or other display devices chosen.  The three categories of media players you can chose from include the Plug and Play, the Software and Player consultation, and the DIY option. Choose what will work best for your business and also the most affordable options.

  • The content management system

Content creation and management are very important in digital signage. You should look out for solutions with the best content management systems. A good CMS helps in browsing, creation and customization of content, scheduling content, and monitoring the network’s health.

These activities are made possible by a CMS with features like an intuitive dashboard, user control, automatic software updates, service and technical support, as well as high security settings.

  • Hardware – Software compatibility

There should be compatibility between the screen used, the digital player and the software chosen. This saves money. All you have to do is research and consult the experts before buying digital signage tools.

In conclusion, the best digital signage solutions have the best hardware and software solution that enable publishing or posting of the high-quality content created.