6 Tips To Grow Your SaaS Business Through SEO


If you’re running a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business, is it possible to stand out by making search engine optimization (SEO) part of your marketing tactics? Over the years, the SaaS industry has continued to grow. Along with the growth is the constantly increasing competition.  

When managing a SaaS company to become an authority in the industry, it’s crucial to maximize SEO. Making the most of your SEO strategy ensures you gain qualified traffic and attract clients. 

A Close Look At SaaS SEO

SaaS SEO is all about boosting the organic traffic to your SaaS website by developing tactics that gain a better ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Some of the widely used strategies you might want to keep in mind include creating good-quality content, optimizing on-page SEO, making the necessary improvements to technical SEO, and conducting comprehensive keyword research.

Generally, combining these measures will help your SaaS business achieve a better rank in search engines. However, the main priority is developing content that maintains a good level of engagement throughout the buyer’s journey. With this in mind, the SEO for your SaaS business prioritizes content.

Tips To Grow Your SaaS Business Through SEO

It entails proper planning if you want to ensure the growth of your SaaS business with the help of SEO. In general, it would be best if you developed a plan that addressed several crucial factors to maximize the potential of the resources at hand and encourage the expansion of your SaaS company.  

Here are several valuable tips to keep in mind to ensure the growth of your business. 

  1. Establish Your Specific Objectives And Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

If you want an effective SEO strategy for the growth of your SaaS business, clearly establishing your business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial. Doing so will ensure you stay on the right track. An example of an objective is increasing the monthly revenue to a range within a specified time frame. The percentage of organic traffic, keyword ranking, or conversions are a few examples of KPIs. In most cases, the KPIs depend on your business objectives and other distinct industry attributes.

  1. Perform Comprehensive Keyword Research

One of the essential practices in SEO for SaaS is conducting comprehensive keyword research. Generally, keywords should be one of your top priorities since they’re what users check out in the search engines. The right keywords pave the way for a better connection with your target audience. When developing a meaningful keyword strategy, it’s not only about the search volume but also other crucial factors such as competition level, search intent, and phase of the marketing funnel.  

  1. Develop Good-Quality Content

The development of content for SaaS involves a few considerations. Generally, it would include the pages you need to create, how you organize the content to support SEO and the actual creation of the content. 

There are various forms of content to consider, such as blogs, social media, product copy, video content, whitepapers, webinars, and podcasts, to name a few. Creating content should include relevant information that offers value to your clients.   

  1. Improve Technical SEO

If you look at the specifics of SEO, it might require some tweaking or modifications. In such scenarios, a technical SEO audit is worth considering. An audit provides insight into the overall performance of your SaaS site. 

Make it a priority to conduct a technical SEO audit to ensure proper optimization of all elements and keep technical issues at bay. During an audit, common technical concerns include broken pages or 404 errors, redirect chains, poor user experience (UX), sluggish page speed, robots.txt file, site indexability, site architecture, and crawler accessibility, to name a few.

  1. Enhance On-Page SEO

It would be best to prioritize the on-page SEO factors when making the necessary improvements. If you want a significant improvement in organic search, improve the on-page SEO elements while simultaneously complementing them with good-quality content. 

Some of the crucial tips to boost the on-page SEO on your site include proper use of <h2> or <h3> tags, utilizing internal and external links, optimizing meta descriptions and images, and improving spelling and grammar.

  1. Monitoring And Analysis Of Data

The SEO strategy for your SaaS business isn’t complete if you fail to keep track and analyze the results. Some crucial elements to monitor and analyze include the rankings, traffic, and conversions. Analytic tools will play a vital role in keeping track of organic search traffic. 

Final Thoughts

An effective approach to ensuring the growth of your SaaS business via SEO is possible by implementing a well-planned strategy. Generally, your plan should cover several of the measures above to guarantee the best outcome. Although it may take time to see the results, starting on the right path will ensure growth for your SaaS business in no time.