8 Amazing Tools to Enhance Your AdWords Campaign


Goode AdWords offers an impressive 5.31% conversion rate, but if you develop an intelligent strategy, you can push that number to 10+%.

Like any marketing media, pay per click (PPC) advertising is ranked according to Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Your campaign needs three elements to thrive: keyword research, competitive advantage, and target marketing.

These tools will help you to win that enviable first position in search results.

WordStream Performance Grader

If Moz recommends a tool, it’s safe to assume it deserves a place in your toolbox.WordStream’s PPC Grader has met the site’s stringent standards for excellent reasons it works seamlessly with your AdWords account, delivering performance statistics in graphic form. It measures its grading comparisons against thousands of Adwords users, offering enough data to drown in.

It even analyses your investment and wasted expenditure. It’s hard to come by a deep view of a PPC campaign, but WordStream provides it alongside a best practices checklist. If PPC still feels a little abstract to you, this tool will give you enough clarity to build a targeted campaign.


Keywords are the heating heart of your AdWords campaign, but Google Instant’s suggestions won’t earn you many conversions. SEMRush identifies all the keyword variations you could possibly need to build a comprehensive campaign. Its suggestions can be rearranged according to popularity, location, and PPC searches. It even identifies your rivals so that you can easily establish a competitive advantage. If you’re hunting down long tall keywords you’ll find them on your dashboard with their add-ons. The paid version tracks your keywords so that you are instantly alerted when you lose rank on the back of a new algorithm. Even dynamic keyword insertions can’t offer enough precision to produce universal results, so bolster your work with the AdWords query Report.


96% of site visitors don’t buy from the sites they visit, and 70% abandon their shopping carts mid-purchase. Even the most sparkling AdWords campaign is rendered useless if your landing page doesn’t convert, so CrazyEgg is a critical part of your toolkit. It measures engagement, helping you to improve your layout, copy, and navigation. All that data is delivered in bite-sized graphics, making CrazyEgg an excellent beginner’s tool.

CrazyEgg will tell you if your visitors can from your Adwords ads or other parts of the web, so it’s a fair way to assess the profitability of your advert. From there, you can use the heat map view to find out which portions of your site your AdWords audience is using.

Ninja Reports

Save a ton of time sifting through your Adwords reports to find out which ads are good and which ones aren’t. With Ninja Reports, you can receive automated email reports of all of your Adwords campaigns and their performance. Get a daily, weekly or monthly update of your vital Google Adwords performance data, right to your email.

You can even add co-workers or your boss as a recipient so they get the reports as well.It’s also great for paid advertising agencies who want to send their Adwords Campaign Performance to their clients or team. This way, they will always know what’s going on with their Adwords campaigns.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz consistently creates Industry-leading tools, and its Keyword Explorer continues the trend. Its keyword suggestions are scan-able and come with complex SERP (search engine results pages) analysis. The tool gives you two free queries a day, a limit that’s lifted for paying clients. Its keywords have a 95% accuracy rate, but Google has evolved too much to be affected by an old-fashioned tool. Moz assesses how difficult it will be to achieve rank with each of its keywords. This way, you can target your campaign with laser precision, using the tool’s general click-through rates as a guide.

Add mentions and mention authority scores to the mix, and you have a comprehensive way to target your adverts. Keywords rank differently according to the pages they’re used on, so the tool lets you find keywords according to root domain,subdomain, or exact page.


You can’t achieve competitive advantage if you don’t know what your rivals are doing. SpyFu will identify your competitors’ most profitable keywords one domain at a time. You’ll receive every advert, mention, and Adwords keyword they’ve ever used. You’ll even see their click-through rates.

Beginners will find SpyFu easy to use despite its feature-rich offerings, which are perfectly adequate as basic keyword analysis tools. It will monitor your rank and keyword positions leaving you to focus at more important aspects of your strategy. The Business Leads tab also integrates with other platforms so that you can manage your SFO holistically.

WordStream’s Keyword Traffic Estimator

Once you’ve developed your AdWords campaign,you’ll need to nudge it towards improvement a day at a time. WordStream’s Traffic Estimator has an inbuilt social media listening tool so you can rotate social media conversations that include your chosen keywords. It will build a PPC ad group for you and continuously update your ads. Once you’ve built your page, the tool will also mine it for data about your keyword traffic. Your search marketing will be far more efficient If your segment your keywords a task that WordStream achieves through quality scores for each of your ad groups. If you have a diverse target market with several buyer personas, Traffic Estimator is the best tool for building a nuanced campaign.

AdWords Conversion Tracking

After you’ve built your campaign, you’ll need to know how many dicks are generating sales. AdWords provides its own conversion-tracking tool, and it’s powerful enough to replace paid alternatives. Its metrics cover each position in your marketing funnel, from email signups and sales to lead generation and downloads. This lets you send out profitable bids and craft your AdWords text effectively.

You can adjust the tracking tool to suit your choice of customer actions with a simple drop-down menu, which will generate the HTML needed for your webpage. All you need to do is copy it into your page code or download the app. Its results are measured globally and locally. If you operate in a narrow niche, you can target the tool to your precise demographic.

An effective AdWords campaign doesn’t merely need to achieve massive conversions during its first week. It must also sustain those numbers over the long-term or you will make a loss. A hardworking strategy must include automated analytics so that you’re left with enough hours to focus on improvements You’ll need to be informed if a major change is made to the Ad Rank Algorithm so that you can adjust your keywords before you lose Important revenue streams. These seven tools take are of every aspect of your campaign without dictating your strategy.