8 Best SEO Tools for Amazing Ranking: Let The Magic Begin


Today, there is no better marketing campaign than reaching high positions in Google search. This is what will make your service or product visible and desirable among potential clients. Though this way to attract customers is reliable, it requires your full involvement, passion, and lifelong learning. Luckily, there are many special online search engine optimization (SEO) tools that will help you to develop, track your progress and make changes in your strategy if needed. 

With the following tools you’ll be able to keep an eye on your competitors and improve your overall performance at once. So, make sure your business uses them from the very beginning. 

The Most Efficient SEO Tools of 2021

  1. Google Search Console 

No surprises. It is the most obvious tool we can suggest, and yet it is one of the crucial ones. Sure, if we want our website to be seen in Google, we should use their special tool. Though many SEO specialists don’t like it and prefer others, it is extremely useful for newbies. Here, you submit your website for search indexing. This is your starting point. 

Also, it helps you to check if the website is present in Google SERP and shows you how users see it. Thus, you can improve your performance based on your clients behaviour. And such an approach usually makes a great difference.    

  1. SEMRush

It is one of the favorite tools among SEO managers that have been long in this field. Its greatest feature is a possibility to compare websites in general, or their backlinks, keywords, rankings, etc. Also, with SEMRush it is easy to monitor your website’s health regularly, get comprehensive reports and make changes in your strategy as there are plenty of useful recommendations to follow. 

SEMRush’s major advantage is its simplicity that allows SEO specialists to get a quick overview and understand if they are moving in the right direction. It can ease your communication with freelance service providers. For example, it is a great way to show your online freelance writing service what you expect by presenting them pages with the content that makes your website go high. 

  1. Ubersuggest

It is a new tool that was created by well-known SEO expert Neil Patel. It suggests keywords and allows you to experiment with them with no risks. Here, you can find short phrases for keywords, and the longer ones. 

This tool is a fantastic way to find the best keyword for your niche considering the keywords volume, season trends, localization, etc. And everyone can afford UberSuggest as it is free! 

  1. Ahrefs 

Most likely, this one is the most popular SEO tool for the last decade. SEO marketers love it and use it daily. 

What is so great about it? It helps you to start your campaign as its features to explore what competitors do are easy and comprehensive. You can see their backlinks, and keywords they use. This is a great base to see what works for your niche. It doesn’t require some special knowledge and skills. Everyone can use it.

Also, it makes your website’s development faster, as it highlights all the issues your page might experience. All you have to do is to choose the best solution for the problem occured. Yes, it doesn’t do everything for you. But you have to agree that proper monitoring is a huge and invaluable help. Right? 

  1. SpyFu

It is one of the most detailed and user-friendly SEO tools on the market. SpyFu allows users to explore the keywords, whether they are organic or paid, get the numbers, discover what your competitors’ strategies are. It requires less involvement and still presents you a good perspective. With SpyFu help, SEO specialists won’t miss any trends or changes in the SEO world. 

It allows users to not repeat the mistakes their competitors did, and all these features they get for free. Moreover, there is a great premium version, too, if you need to go above and beyond. 

  1. Majestic 

Many experts agree it is very easy to use and navigate. Here, everything is created for SEO experts’ comfort. They can compare their client’s website with dozens of competitors at a plain yet comprehensive platform. And they can share it with the client to not just explain, but show. 

Using Majestic, you will spot your weakness in no time, and certainly, get a hint what to do next to make your website healthier. 

  1. Keywords Everywhere 

This SEO tool saves your time. Here, you’ll find data gathered from different platforms like Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. You don’t need to visit five websites. Now, you can find everything in one place. 

SEO experts like to use it to check keyword volumes everyday, and then think about what kind of content they need to publish to get a place among the first ten positions. It shows data that Google has been hiding for a while now, so its impact on your marketing campaign is truly invaluable. 

  1. Serpstat

It is an old player in the SEO market and on the content marketing field. And SEO experts keep trusting it more and more. Over the years, its reputation becomes only stronger. Serpstat is a universal SEO tool that offers users everything in one package at an affordable cost. 

Interesting fact about Serpstat is many experts choose it after years of using other SEO tools. It means it has something unique to offer. 

Serpstat provides SEO experts with great hacks that improve a website’s overall performance significantly. There are many extremely useful features, like Missing Keywords, that help you get better positions within weeks. 

Is It So Simple, Really?

It has never been simple to get on the top, either it is the top of the mountain or the top on the searching engines. It requires a lot of dedicated work, creative solutions, and research. Luckily, the third one can be delegated to SEO tools. 

It is amazing how fast SEO tools are changing and becoming better and more efficient. Today, it is your main assistant in marketing campaigns, a kind of artificial intelligence that makes your life easier and business more successful. All you have to do is to pick the right one or learn how to combine their features properly. Either way, you’ll reach your marketing goals for sure. Just get the most of it.