9 Interesting Facts About Costco And What Makes It A Good Company


Costco or Costco Wholesale Corporation in full is well known as a one-stop bulk shop for everything you need in your house. Costco is one of the largest and most successful retailers in the United States, and there are many good reasons. It doesn’t only have amazing customer service, but it also offers a lot of amazing deals and discounts on just about anything you need for your way of life.

In this article, we will be giving you some interesting Costco facts that you might not have heard before. Brotman and James D. Sinegal originally founded the company, and they opened their first branch in Seattle, Washington, in 1983. 

Special Working Hours for the Elderly

Let’s start with some practical Costco facts that you should know. As a response to the global pandemic, Costco warehouses were obligated to change their opening hours to follow the new sanitary measures. To prevent panic buying, the company opened a specific time allotted for the disabled and the elderly so that they would be the first ones to buy their essentials. So, the first hour of opening would be designated for seniors and persons with disabilities and refuse entry to others. So plan ahead if you’re planning to shop in Costco. 

Rent a Car in Costco

People who own a membership card in Costco can rent cars with deducted prices with Costco Travel, and members are also able to reserve cars for uses in the future. They can choose which type of vehicles they want to rent out from partners such as Enterprise locations, Alamo, and Avis.

However, canceling a car rental reservation may charge you with a small cancelation fee if you made a reservation over the phone. However, it’s worth noting that car rental reservations through their online website at Costco Travel wouldn’t cost you a cancelation fee.

Costco and Major Tire Brands

Besides being able to rent cars in Costco, they also offer great deals on auto supplies like tires and spare parts. Costco has many name-brands that you can choose from that are ensured of the best quality at very low prices. Any brand of tire you order through their online website can also be delivered right away to your doorstep.

Types of Costco Memberships

There are three types of memberships in Costco. The first type is the Executive Membership that has a one-year validity. The second is the Business Membership, and the third is the Gold Star Membership. These memberships have different benefits than others. Each of these three memberships grants you access to all the Costco branches worldwide. 

Free Delivery

If you want your items delivered right to your doorstep, Costco will surely be able to do that with only a minimum order of $75. The delivery time would usually take up to two days. However, orders that didn’t reach the minimum amount of $75 will be charged with a teeny tiny service fee in addition to the customer’s order.

Toilet Paper

You would think that anything other than toilet paper would be Costco’s best-seller, right? But you are very wrong. Costco manages to sell over a billion toilet paper rolls each year. This is mainly because of its high-quality products sold at very low prices, making them the most favorable retailer for members to buy in volume.

It doesn’t just stop there. Costco also hires and employs an engineer for their toilet paper to ensure that their quality is preserved before being distributed to Costco members. So, do you ever see yourself working in Costco and checking the toilet paper’s quality?

Costco Aisles

Have you ever noticed that the aisles in Costco aren’t labeled? Well, there’s a reason for that and a good one too. Costco uses this marketing strategy to compel members to walk around aimlessly while looking for the things they need. This tempts them to buy more than what they came for as they walk around the warehouse.

Price Change? We Don’t Think So

The price for a hotdog and drink combo in Costco has not changed for a very long time. The original price since 1985 for the hot and drink combo has been $1.50 ever since, and over a hundred million hotdogs are sold at Costco each year. While the company could easily bump up their items’ prices, this is their way of giving incentives to shoppers to stay loyal.

Costco’s Customer Service

According to a survey they conducted, most of the members enjoy the quality of Costco’s customer service. So much so that it even surpassed the customer satisfaction levels of Amazon. This is a reflection of Costco’s continuing in-house services and chain of delivery.


What do you think about these facts? We are sure that you will be checking if there are no labels the next time you go to Costco, right? So make sure the next time you visit Costco, always know what to buy and stick to that plan.