9 Ways to Earn Extra Money


Times are hard. It’s no longer enough to rely on one job to reach your financial goals before you retire unless you have a high-paying job (which is like finding a needle in a haystack). Unlike in the 1950s, young people now can’t afford to buy a house with the salary of someone working a nine-to-five, especially not with student loans, rent, and utilities to pay. Last year, the cost of buying and owning a home was up by 14 percent, compared to the cost in 2017.

So it’s understandable if you want to find other means to supplement your income. Fortunately, there are many ways to earn extra cash without juggling a second job. Here are a few of them.

Invest Your Money

Investment requires little to no work. You’re basically just putting your money somewhere and leaving it to grow. You can do that by putting your money in a savings account, but you’ll only earn 3 percent per annum at most.

Most banks will only give 1 percent per year. So if you have $1,000 in your bank account, you’ll get $10 interest at the end of the year, and that’s taxable.

However, if you invest your money in the stock market, your money will grow faster, depending on the market performance. It has its risks, so you must be informed when you invest your money somewhere.  Fortunately, there are professionals who can help you with that. You can use robo-advisors, like Betterment or Blooom, to help you make wise and profitable investments.

You can also buy company stocks and earn a portion of their profits in a method called dividend investing. As long as the company is earning, you’ll continue to receive a stable income, but how much you receive will depend on the shares you own.

Sell Your Stuff Online

Earn money and get rid of all the stuff that’s cluttering your home by selling them online. You can also sell your gold jewelry or watch that you don’t wear or like anymore, declutter your space, and earn some extra cash. This can easily be done in a local store or online. You can open an online shop and create an inventory of the items you’re selling. Nowadays, it’s quick and easy to launch an online store using an e-commerce platform.

Through an e-commerce platform, you can create, design, and launch a website in just a matter of hours or, sometimes, days. They offer affordable packages with services to suit your business needs, so you can fulfill orders, add new sales channels, manage your inventory, and monitor your sales.

Selling your stuff online requires less work and resources, and you can start earning as soon as you launch your website. You can do business anytime and anywhere with your smartphone and a stable internet connection.

Take Paid Surveys

The internet has made it easier to earn money without doing actual work or high qualifications. If you have a lot of spare time, you can earn some bucks by taking paid surveys online. You don’t need a college degree for this moneymaking method.

All you have to do is sign up for paid online survey sites, such as American Consumer Opinion, Harris Poll Online, Inbox Dollars, the Opinion Panel, Toluna, and Test Market. Some of these of these websites will also pay you for doing simple tasks, like playing games, watching videos, browsing websites, and testing apps.

Write Product Reviews

Websites like ReviewStream will pay you to write about your experience with a particular product. You can also test and review websites and get paid as much as $10 per website. You don’t need to be an expert on the subject of your review or have perfect grammar to earn money this way. These websites value authentic reviews, so they want the honest opinion of consumers or reviewers.

You can also write products reviews on your blog. If you run a travel blog, write reviews for travel-related products and services. You can get paid by joining an affiliate program or by displaying ads on your blog. Another way to earn from this method is by accepting sponsored reviews.

Be careful the sponsored reviews you accept, though. Choose brands that you trust and products you’ve tested.

You’re basically endorsing the product when you write a positive review of it. If it doesn’t live up to its reputation, it can hurt the integrity of your blog. And your readers will lose their trust in you.

Try Freelance Projects

If you’ve got your hands full with your daytime job but you need to earn extra, freelance work is the ideal option for you. Freelance jobs are usually short-term, only lasting until the project is complete. The schedule is usually flexible, so you can work at your own time and pace as long as you follow the client’s deadline.

A lot of freelance jobs pay pretty well too. There’s no middleman to take a cut from your pay since you work directly with the client. You find listings for freelance works on websites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Toptal, and other freelance listing sites.

Rent Out Spare Room

If you’ve got an unused room or garage in your house, why not rent it out to earn money? The condition of the room will only deteriorate if you leave it empty, so you may as well put it into good use. You can rent the room out to travelers, visiting tourists, or long-term tenants.

Of course, you need to invest a bit on the property to make it habitable. The more presentable and enticing the property is, the more you can charge for rent. Plus, it’s easier to advertise and reel in tenants if your room or property can offer more amenities.

You can also list your property in home-sharing businesses, like Airbnb, to put it out there without having to worry about how to advertise your property. Plus, home-sharing platforms like these can help you handle bookings, process payments, and get in touch with clients while maintaining your security and theirs.

Sell Your Craft

Crafting is a popular hobby for people who are good with their hands. If you were blessed enough to have such talent and skill, you may as well exploit this gift and earn some extra money for yourself. There’s a growing market for craft wares and artisan products these days as the millennial generation, currently the largest demographic in the market, are very supportive of small business, local products, and handmade goods.

You can join trade fairs or start an online shop to sell your crafts. With your favorite craft supplies, you can make popular handmade products, like bags, jewelry, home decoration, and personalized presents.

Earn from Your Blog

Start a blog or use your existing blog to earn money. There are different ways to monetize your website.  You can earn through writing reviews, posting ads, or joining affiliate programs.

Before that, you must choose a target audience and make relevant content to reach them. The more followers your blog has, the more opportunities you have to earn money.

As mentioned earlier, you can earn by accepting paid product reviews. But that’s not all, some businesses will also pay you for posting their articles or featuring their product on your blog. Again, you have to be careful about choosing the brands and products you endorse in your blog to maintain your credibility and keep the trust of your readers.

For ads, you can earn through pay-per-click advertising, cost for click, pop-ups, or selling text links and ad space on your blog. If you join an affiliate program, you can earn through commissions every time someone buys a product using your link.

 Participate in Medical Research Studies

This doesn’t mean that you’re going make yourself a guinea pig for undeveloped drugs and treatments. You don’t actually have to try something potentially dangerous for you. But you do have to give permission for researchers to access your health information and take part in different medical tests.

You can also take part in social experiments and clinical trials. You can earn thousands of dollars by participating in two or three medical studies.


Money doesn’t grow on trees, and the state of the economy is uncertain. You need to take every opportunity to earn extra cash and secure yourself financially while you’re young and able. The methods mentioned above are only some of the ways to supplement your income without doing difficult work. There are many other ways to earn money if you use your creativity and resourcefulness.