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The Technology Revolutionising The Parcel Delivery Industry

Technology has changed all of our lives over the years with the invention of the smartphone and other technologies helping to streamline everyday processes...

Analyzing the ROI of CASB Technology for Your Startup

Cybersecurity is a very important investment for every organization. Unfortunately, it is something that far too many companies take for granted. Many businesses live in...

What You Need to Know about Millennial IT Professionals and Technology in the Workplace

Born into the world of digital data, giving them the upper hand when it comes to understanding technology, Millennials are often seen as entitled...

Fast Backup Option With The Photostick Technology

Storing the priceless memories without any frustration is more important. When you are looking for extra storage or backing up your photos, then choosing...

Mobile POS Technology

If you haven’t thought about switching to a mobile point-of-sale device, now is the time. The whole retail and hospitality industry is heading in...

How Are Big Industries Adapting To Technology Changes 

Nowadays, no one will be surprised to hear that smart usage of tech represents an integral part of the success of any business today....

Which Industries will Benefit from 5G Technology?

Whisper it quietly, but 5G technology is set to revolutionise the ease with which customers can communicate across mobile networks. More specifically, it’s thought that...

Calling All Nerds! 9 Inspiring Jobs Designed For Technology Enthusiasts

The internet is used by over 4.3 million users worldwide. That equates to about 56.1% of the entire world population. In 2016 alone, the internet...

Animated Character Development – Main Technology Features

Introducing animated video’s character is a process of “reviving” him using various technological means with a specific goal. Animated characters have become an integral part...

How Mortgage Loan Officers Can Use Technology to Get More Business

Loan officers should be using technology more like BNTouch marketing tools to help them get more business. One recent poll in the mortgage industry...
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