Action Refund Review


Note: This is Personal Experience of one of the Writer not Myventurepad

Who am I, and why I decided to do this Action Refund review?

Well, I am a regular person, just like yourself. Except, I was scammed a couple of months ago.

Since the pandemic of COVID-19 started, my income has reduced. I have a small shop just outside of Liverpool, selling groceries. Since there were several lockdowns, I could not have the same income. And no possibility to feed my family.

While searching for something online, I saw an ad about online trading. As per this ad, I was supposed to make thousands of pounds in 4 weeks. Now, I understand that this is not possible. But I did hope to earn extra 2-3 thousand to help me pay my bills, suppliers, rent, and everything that needs to be paid. So, I said, okay, let’s try it out. What is the worst that can happen? What a silly thought that was.

How it all started?

I signed up on the ad, made my first deposit of $250, and it all started. I got a call from someone claiming he will be my account manager, and he will help me set everything up. Now, since I had no experience whatsoever with investing, I thought to myself that it’s fantastic. Help that I need. And for free. How wrong I was.

After our first conversation, he told me that $250 is not enough. If I wanted to make “anything more than 20 bucks, I need more money”. Then, he gave me a nice packed plan to make $30,000 in 4 weeks. Why $30,000? Because I was dumb enough to tell him that I need that much to pay off my bank loan. So, he cleverly used this fact to drag me in. If I can afford to add only $12,000 more, I can pay my loan back next month. And it sounded amazing. In fact, it sounded so amazing that I forgot to be cautious. I decided to invest this $12,000 and try my best. And I did. But my so-called broker didn’t.

After two weeks, I am getting a panicked call – we need more money. The trade is failing, and we need $6,000 more to save everything. If not, I will lose the initial $12,000. You can understand my dilemma of whether to risk another $6,000 and save it or just consider it lost. And here I am, giving away another $6,000. My savings looks pretty drained at the moment. But again, my broker was clever enough to know it. He asked me to see my bank loan, asked to get access to my bank account. He said he could help me plan everything. Supposedly, he wanted to see my installments, interest rate, etc. Now, when I look back, he just wanted to know if I had any money left.

How did it end?

As many of you can already guess – I lost everything. After this additional $6,000, I never managed to contact the broker again. He never responded to any of my emails or calls. The support never got back to me. Ever since I cashed out everything I had, I got the silent treatment. How can I lose $18,000 in less than three weeks? Why didn’t I check everything before I started with this company? Now, there are many “why” and “how”. In the end, the answer is this – money is gone. Deal with it.

But I couldn’t. I couldn’t just accept that some company will scam me like this. I promised myself to find a way to get my money back. I contacted my bank, of course. But the clerk didn’t sound very promising. He told me something like I let it happen, I approved all the transactions, it’s my problem. So, I started looking for alternative ways. And this is when I found it – Action Refund, chargeback experts.

Action Refund Review – My Experience

When I came across the name Action Refund, I did thorough research. The company is based in Israel, and they help clients get money back in cases like mine. Since I lost my cash just recently, and everything was fresh, I was highly skeptical. How can they help? If my bank said I approved it and it’s my fault, how can some third party get involved? What are they going to do? And most importantly, how much I need to pay to get their help?

I went through many reviews by other clients. I went through many websites’ reviews. And everything I found was auspicious. So, I decided to trust my gut and book the consultations. To be honest, the most promising was the fact those consultations are free. I do not have to pay a cent, and someone will examine my case and tell me the odds of getting my money back.

Also, you must be asking about the price. I was offered two things – to pay 5% now or pay 10% after the process is done, only if the refund is successful. I had nothing to lose. So, why not?

Action Refund Review – Process

I had consultations with one of the Action Refund employees, John. And it was more than I expected. I had in my head we will have a brief chat, I will get a generic “of course we can help you” answer, and then I will see what the next step is. Instead, I got a person that listened to every word I said and asked many questions. Something I expected to be a 20 minutes call turned into an almost 2-hour long explanation. I explained everything that happened to me, provided all the information about the broker I had, showed them some emails, bank statements, phone numbers. The person I spoke with seemed as interested to get my money back as I was. Also, I felt comfortable talking. I didn’t feel like another scammed fool. I felt like I am in the right place, in the hands of experts. They have seen it already; it’s okay, it happens. And they do have a solution. And it turned out to be correct.

After consultations, I was asked to give them a bit of time to evaluate everything I provided for them and get some information independently. After just a couple of days, the same consultant, John, gave me a call. He is optimistic that we can get the money back. Full amount. But we do need to go through some steps. We need to put all the evidence in one place, file a dispute, and request a chargeback. As per his words, I will not spend even a lot of time, since the company provides representing services as well.

I agreed to everything and met my representative, Olivia. Another person that sounds confident and professional. And definitely has experience with scam brokers.

Also, I was told to get to them for any questions I might have or any information I need. Their support was highly professional, and I want to use this Action Refund review to say a big thank you to Anna for keeping me updated about everything going on. At any given moment, I could tell where I stand and what will be the next step.

Action Refund Review – The End

A few weeks later, I got a call from my consultant. He sounded highly excited. His first sentence was “We did it”! We did what, I asked?

We got money back!

I was so excited, for 30 seconds I couldn’t speak. I was just standing there, thinking to myself how lucky I am to get someone like Action Refund and how well it all went.

Once again, big thanks to the team and everyone involved. Without them, it would not be possible for me to get any of the funds back.

Action Refund Conclusion

Now I’ve told you my story. And I am absolutely sure that there are many people in the same situation. I decided to write this Action Refund review for you to understand that you can only gain from contacting them. As mentioned, the payment goes after a successful refund. And the support is exceptional.

Hopefully, I will never find myself in a situation like this again, but I will definitely go to Action Refund even if I do.

I understand that if you have been scammed, you lack trust. You never want to be scammed again. And another company like this can scare you. But I can assure you; Action Refund will be there. I have been through everything with them, and all I can say – schedule those consultations and get your money back!

Note: This is Personal Experience of one of the writer not Myventurepad