Address Validation Helps you to Deliver Services without any Problems 


Correct postal addresses are requested in order to guarantee that goods or letters are delivered to the correct addresses of users that purchase goods online. Address Validation is also an important element for business planning, marketing activities and for a more reliable search of duplicated addresses. With you can confirm your postal addresses of all the world in a quick, flexible, and automatic way.

Address Validation avoids Incorrect Addresses, Minimize Returns, and Optimizes your Advertising Success

The validation of an address spelling, checking that it is up to date, for example with regard to possible relocations, and the duplicate comparison to avoid duplicate shipments form the basis for correct and efficient customer contact. In this way you avoid incorrect addresses, minimize returns and optimize your advertising success.

Egon checks your Addresses regarding Relocation

In the subsequent address update, Egon checks your addresses with regard to relocation and deceased and undeliverability information. This information can either be used for a campaign during a wash comparison or can also be permanently transferred to your customer base.

Address Validation can Compare different Kind of Addresses 

Egon phonetically compares the structured, updated and postally correct addresses. In the duplicate comparison, Egon determines the possible duplicates at person, household or company level.

In E-Commerce it has become paramount to avoid Wrong Addresses 

Especially in e-commerce, increased demands on the deliverability of a consignment are unavoidable. Wrong deliveries and returns cause high costs, affect customer satisfaction and are therefore to be avoided wherever possible. With an Address Validation tool like Egon you can check deliverability at addressee level in advance of a shipment. Egon is the optimal tool for address verification and thus for reducing the risk of incorrect deliveries and returns. During the check, the addresses are standardized in advance, postally validated and then compared against a reference database with a huge address data set. In this way, it is checked before dispatch whether the recipient lives at the specified address with sufficient probability and the consignment can therefore be delivered.

An address validation tool can be integrated directly into the eCommerce platform as an online process and provides you with real-time deliverability information.

Address Validation is a Great Support for the Business of Your Customers

With an Address Validation input system, you can support your customers with the convenient and error-free address input in checkout or registration processes. Thanks to the intuitively operated quick entry mask, the customer is shown correct postal address suggestions after some characters, and this avoids input errors and only correct addresses are entered in your customer database. The usability of your website is increased, and the conversion rate of your web shop will be improved as well. Address Validation is an efficient way to support your customers with accurate and reliable data and it also decreases the error rate when they insert new addresses in the system.