Advantages of Optical Fibre Internet Connections


When you choose a broadband connection, depending on the availability, you may have the option to select between fibre, copper and cable connections. You might think these technologies are mostly the same, but that is far from the truth. With recent advancements, fibre optic has become a standard for fast, high-quality data transmission for business and performance-minded consumers. While this technology is still new, it has captured the imagination of professionals across various industries. 

So, let’s discuss some of the factors behind the popularity of optical fibre and why you should make it a priority while you compare internet plans:

  • Bandwidth – Investing in fibre technology can significantly improve the bandwidth capability of the connection. Copper wires have many limitations, as copper technology was initially invented to carry voice, not for high bandwidth internet. Copper wire cannot carry signals over large distances. On the contrary, the optical fibre can transmit a signal over a considerable distance.
  • Upload and Download Speed – Optical fibre gives you a faster upload and download speed. With this technology, you can get a Gigabit connection directly to your home, which is impossible to achieve with copper wire. Also, fibre technology lets you enjoy a seamless experience even during peak hours.
  • Security – With the fibre connection, you can add various security features. With a copper connection, anyone can connect a rogue line to your connection and intercept the traffic. Further, with a copper connection, if the wire breaks, signals will not be transferred, and the entire network will halt.
  • Reliability – Copper wire is prone to temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors, such as moisture, but fibre cables do not carry the same hazards. Optical fibre is practically immune to external factors and is therefore considered a better choice. When it comes to reliability, there is nothing better than optical fibre.
  • Cable Size – No other technology can compete with optical fibre when it comes to cable size. Copper wires and coaxial cables cannot carry the signal across a comparable length. Because optical fibre uses a light beam to transmit signals, the signals are not degraded over long distances.

There are also, however, some flaws in using optical fibre that we will discuss below:

  • Costly – Optical fibre connection is expensive compared to cable and copper technology. Securing an optical fibre connection may cost you a premium, but it is worth its benefits. If the price is not a concern, go for a fibre connection. When you Compare Internet Plans, always consider optical technology seriously due to the performance benefits.
  • Fragile – Optical fibre is delicate and can easily break even if the wire is slightly bent. Also, if any section of the wire breaks, the entire wire must be changed from the switch to the modem. In the case of other wired connections, the wires can be re-joined together easily.

Choose the connection that fits your online lifestyle

While optical fibre offers a range of benefits we have discussed above, it also has some flaws. On balance, though, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. If you want a reliable connection and a good speed, there is nothing better than optical fibre. Optical fibre is the best connection that you can get for your money.

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