Advantages of Pop Up Banner Stands


Whether you want to promote your brand at a trade show or you want to make an impression on customers at your store, pop up banner stands are a wonderful way to get your message across, says New York Banners, a reputed pop up banner printing service in New York.It can be fairly expensive to acquire space at a trade show or an exhibition, but the return on investment can be great if everything goes well. Pop up banners for trade shows can help you in standing out among the crowd and grabbing the attention of attendees. However, there is much more to them than being a cost effective and good-looking marketing tool.

Here are some of the key advantages of using such banners to advertise your brand at key events.

Ease of Assembly

Pop up banner stands can be assembled with great ease. Just pop the stand up and you’re all set. These stands make use of a retractable system. All you need to do is pull the banner from its base and insert a telescopic pole. The combination of the pole and the flat base provides sturdy support to the stand.


Pop up banners are highly durable. The vinyl on which they are printed is designed to last. And, the base of the stand is also pretty strong. The frames are made of aluminum in most of these stands, which makes them lightweight and strong at the same time. You can use the same banners and stands for multiple events without them looking old or worn out.

Ease of Storage

Pop up stands won’t take up too much space for storage. The banner can be folded into the base and the telescopic pole can be collapsed. This makes the entire piece more compact for easy storage.

Perfect for Transporting

If you’re exhibiting regularly at various trade shows and other events, then making sure that your display materials can be transported without any hassle is crucial. Pop up banner stands are lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to transport in almost any type of vehicle.

Don’t Require Much Space

Booth space at trade shows is expensive and needs to be used judiciously in order to achieve your objectives, whether it is sales or networking. Therefore, you wouldn’t want your banner stands to cover up too much space. Pop up banners, which are high and narrow, don’t cover up much space and yet are very impactful.


A television commercial will cost you a fortune and run only for a short period of time. On the other hand, pop up banners, with a little maintenance, can be used several times, as long as they don’t have a date on them, and you want to give the same message each time.

A pop up banner stands can come in very handy if you plan on making a dramatic impact at your next trade show. This cheap, compact and long-lasting advertising tool can be a great asset to your marketing campaign. However, don’t forget to get your banners and stands from a reputed printing service, such as those in New York.