Benefits of Joining Amazon’s Brand Registry for Sellers


There’s a reason why more than 100,000 worldwide brands have joined the Amazon Brand Registry. Actually, there are several reasons and if you’re a seller on Amazon, you should know about the benefits that the brand registry offers you, starting with these listed here.

Your Product Listings are Protected From Other Sellers

Protecting your product listings from unscrupulous sellers is one of the biggest reasons why the brand registry is almost a necessary part of becoming an Amazon seller. When you’ve qualified for the brand registry, you have complete control over your products’ marketing and if someone else tries to use your logo or slogan on their listing, you can get it removed. Your listings are the only ones that can use the brands that you’ve put on the registry.

For example, if a seller tries to sell a generic phone charging cable by including the Apple logo on their listing, even to say it’s compatible with Apple products, their listing will be in violation of the brand registry regulations and Amazon will remove it. Your listings will always have priority for the brands you register, which means someone can’t pawn off an inferior product as something that comes from your brand, thereby devaluing your brand.

Your Revenue May Increase

The entire point of selling on Amazon is to make money, but when there are dozens of fraudulent listings trying to sell a similar product to yours at extremely low prices, it’s almost impossible to compete, even if your product is far superior to the cheap ones. The brand registry removes these fraudulent listings so you don’t have to try to show potential customers that your product is the original and worth what you’re charging for it.

The fewer low-cost fraudulent sellers you have to compete with, the more customers you’ll get and the more revenue you’ll earn. Of course, you’ll still have competitors, but they will be legitimate competitors and not those who are just trying to use your brand to sell an inferior product. While not all sellers may instantly see a bump in revenue when they first get on the brand registry, most will experience a steady increase over time.

You Can Improve Your Brand Awareness

The brand registry allows participants to use Amazon’s Sponsored Brands, an additional form of ad placement that allows you to promote up to three products using your brand name and logo. These ads appear at the top of a visitor’s search results above Sponsored Products. So, when a visitor searches for a product that’s similar to one of your promoted products, your Sponsored Brands ads will appear beside their results. 

These ads have shown to improve brand awareness because they show up multiple times in a search, giving customers several opportunities to click on them. Your brand is automatically placed ahead of similar products that aren’t on the brand registry. 


Enrolling in Amazon’s brand registry is really the only way to protect your brand and products from becoming devalued by fraudulent sellers. Not only that, but you’ll have less competition from sellers who sell inferior products and you’ll increase your brand’s visibility as well. There are really no downsides to participating in this Amazon seller feature.