Best Content topics for Students


Each student has to write essays while studying in a high school; some of them want just to get rid of this task and have as high score as possible, another try to find an important theme. If you belong to the last group, pay attention to the topics below. Here in this article we have gathered the best essay topics for high school and college that will be interesting for everyone.

The truth is what you believe in

Religion is the issue that divides people into hundreds of different camps; everybody has own opinion concerning it; therefore, you will be able to find a lot of arguments. It does not matter, which views you hold; religion belongs to the themes of conversation that need prudent attitude. Few people are pleased after such discussions, and therefore, this essay will attract attention, receive its supporters and opponents.

No room to swing a cat

Overpopulation is one of the global problems, but this is especially painful for others, because this problem requires a critical look at oneself.Do not write the essay cut and dried with considering such issues, which can help to solve the problem humanely. Try on the role of a cynic; prove that every one of us participates in the destruction of the planet, which is home to other living beings. At the very end, hint at those questions that are the scariest for people: are epidemics and wars really terrible? Have no doubt, the readers might hate you, but loudness is guaranteed for your essay.

Objectivity and reality

Where does objectivity begin and end? Does it really exist? Everyone has its own truth and there is no room for objectivity in human heads, but how objective is your reality? How do you know that you are not insane, not asleep, or not a character of a novel, the writer of which just having fun while playing with your destiny? You can develop your opinion in various directions. Write about mental illnesses and the possibility of the existence of other dimensions; as well, you may touch upon the topic about extraterrestrial life forms that could create us for an experiment.

Matter of taste

People find it difficult to accept something that is different than their taste and views. We live in a civilized world and have evolved so much that have even given each other the right to be different. But is it true? We still condemn arrogant or weird people, and even those, who like another music genre. Will you argue? Let’s look deeper – how do you react when a skeleton fall out of someone’s closet? Why do you think that your weaknesses are permissible, unlike others? Usually, people do not want to look at themselves critically, and such an argumentative essay would help them try to hold an opposite point of view.

Lessons of history

You can consider this question in general, providing pros and cons for deep study of history in school. As well, only one event could be a good object for discussion. Find out all the reasons and consequences; suggest all the possible scenarios under different circumstances. People do not have an unequivocal attitude towards historical events; you could study various sources and opinions before starting to write. Eventually, the past gives us a lot of good lessons, therefore it worth to review some controversial moments once again.

Eternity of the soul

There is no need to touch issues about religion here; many people who do not believe in God think that human soul is eternal. Nobody wants to disappear after the death; faith in rebirth or heaven is our lifeline. Thus, a number of questions arise. Do all living beings have a soul, or it is only human privilege? What gives our species the right to claim to have a soul? On the contrary, if all the organisms are something more than just a body, do you really believe in the eternal life of protozoa? It is possible to discuss this topic for a very long time, and your essay will definitely stand out among other papers.

Inner harmony      

The human psyche has always been an interesting issue. Our inner world is more important than everything that surrounds us. Why? Because it is the reason of our high spirits; our attitude is decisive in any occasion. There is no formula for happiness; everybody has their own heaven, which can be destroyed with a million of different factors. It would be very interesting to get your reflections about the possibility to hold such a brittle thing as inner harmony; in addition, such essay writing can be a kind of therapy for the author.

Habits and affections

What is common between you and heroin addict? Have you ever felt the real freedom? Nobody in this world can be proud of being totally independent, so shall we get used to some things or people? We suffer without our morning coffee and cannot sleep on any pillow but our favorite one, but that is not the worst affections. Everybody depends on those who they love. This state of things is terrible, because we are marionettes, which hang on tens of threads, and we cannot control at least half of them. So should we be careful with our affections or let the fate decide?

Art and other superfluous things

Art is like our family cat: it brings no profit (at least if you do not build a business on it), needs time, money, and attention, but gives nothing in return. Emotions do not let us say no to favorite music, photos, architecture and cats’ purring. Think about how human life would change, if people stop liking art in an instant. This topic gives you a bunch of ideas that can be included in the essay. Write about your favorite piece of art, your impressions from it, and your probable life without it.

To kill or not to kill?

It is a relevant issue that causes many discussions. If you want to choose the topic which attracts people’s attention, it is the best option. Eat or not to eat? This issue applies to everyone, because either you consume meat, or not. Thus, you won’t find a neutral person regarding this. Try to take the opposite point of view while writing this essay. Read the novel Under the Skin by Michel Faber; it affects not only the issue of vegetarianism. The bravest students can draw parallels between meat consumption and cannibalism.