Best Custom Mobile App Designing Tools: Sketch v/s Adobe XD


When it comes to designing mobile phone applications for any platform– be it Android or iOS, there has to be a picture in front of spectators’ eyes.

The developer who’s toiling hard and the client who’s trusting the developer with everything, both need to know whether the look and feel of a mobile app is enough to get the designated results or not. But in reality, these things cannot be done with pen and paper.

That’s where mobile app designing tools come into contention. A Custom app design firm uses mobile application designing tools to get a tangible idea about how a mobile app would look like when it sparks to life.

It is a blueprint that can give a clear picture for the client to decide if that’s what s/he wants so that the process of coding can begin accordingly. For that very reason, mobile app designing tools are handy when it comes to saving time and efforts.

It is always considered to be the wiser thing to get the design approved in terms of websites and mobile apps so that changing the codes doesn’t make it painstakingly tough.

That is why these mobile app designing tools are very helpful. Let’s check out some of the best mobile app designing tools that have helped designers and developers astronomically in making their work easier.


There’s a never ending debate between Mac users and users of other platforms (preferably Windows). Sketch is that UI/UX tool for website and mobile app designers which is exclusively for Mac users. It is just like Adobe Photoshop (a direct competitor, rather) and its specialization in App Prototyping makes it the perfect mobile app designing tool. With high wireframe and prototyping space, its a great choice for Mac Users.

This can turn out to be a great choice for mobile app designers but if photo editing is a part of designer’s daily grind, then you got to keep a Microsoft PC in spare with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator inbuilt. Sketch is a Mac-exclusive and it looks like it’ll stay that way.

Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design aka Adobe XD is the mass favorite for a healthy chunk of app designers and developers throughout the globe. Most Microsoft users know for a fact that Windows has more affordable PCs up for grabs which means that Adobe XD is a boon to them. People who have dirtied their hands with both Sketch and Adobe XD, have given a rave review about how much potential Adobe XD has.

It is lightening fast and a lot of things just hit right, especially considering the fact that Adobe XD is relatively new in the sector of mobile app designing tools. Due to its newness, users have to have Windows 10 in their PCs and since most of them do, they’re simply delighted by what Adobe XD is offering. It is surely going to get better with every update.

Which One’s Better?

It would be completely wrong to say that one custom mobile app design tool is the clear winner out of the two. While Sketch has been in the game since 2010 and was enjoying a monopoly in the designer’s den, it is Adobe XD that changed the game by coming out as a formidable competitor to the former.

Long story short– there’s no clear winner. Both of these tools are extremely useful and designers should try their hands on both to get desired results.