Best Professional Courses for Graphic Designers to Opt from Online Platforms.

Mobile app prototype on designer wooden desk.

Graphic designers are entrusted with social structure, cultural uniqueness, economic development and creating content in the form of visual communication. Their messages designed with legible layouts and selective images or colours must disseminate information in a way that can be understood universally.

Typically, graphic designers are also known to create brand logos that draw attention to a product, promote businesses through advertising or create infographics for brand websites, magazine articles, brochures, posters etc. You can learn graphical courses from Udemy using their smartphone application or desktop webpage.

Udemy offers free online courses on graphic designing, photography, web development and more. You can also use Udemy coupons to claim up to 97% discount, get up to 92% off on trending courses, buy courses at ₹455 and certificate courses at ₹490, graphic designing courses from ₹700, extra savings using HDFC bank cards or online deals to gift courses and search subjects to get beneficial deals.

Here’s a list of some amazing courses that every graphic designer should opt for:

  1. Graphic design masterclass: learn great design (Udemy)

Popularly known as the ultimate graphic design course on Udemy, is taught by digital architect and interactive designer Lindsay Marsh. The course covers basic photoshop editing, InDesign tools, logo design, branding, design theory and more.

Through the course, students can get a deep understanding of layout, typography, design theory and skills in blocking, colour techniques, building vectors, creating logos etc. A prerequisite for the course is being able to access Adobe creative apps.

  1. Become a professional graphic designer (Udemy)

Udemy’s course created by Stone River eLearning is aimed at empowering aspiring designers and artists to apply for a graphic designer job. It teaches you principles of great graphic design and different skills needed to be successful in your career.

With visual communication fundamentals, you learn all Adobe tools, building layouts and using selections of created images or retouched photographs, working with colour and type using free trail or educational versions of Adobe apps and Dreamweaver.

  1. Graphic design basics: core principles for visual design (Skillshare)

With lessons built around examples and demonstrations, Skillshare mentor Ellen Lupton – curator of Cooper Hewitt and Smithsonian Design Museum introduces basic principles that can be applied in creative design, marketing and photography.

The concepts highlighted in this course include symmetry vs. asymmetry, scale, framing, hierarchy, grids, typefaces with exercises that enable you to create miniature blueprints that are uploaded to the project gallery.

  1. Digital illustration techniques: creating a paper pop-up style (Skillshare)

Skillshare illustrator and designer Michael Fugoso teaches unique styles featuring the paper pop-up style with Adobe Illustrator sketching and rendering, setting up ring light effects, adding textures using Adobe Photoshop, creating depth and volume to get the 3D look.

The project takes place in two forms: simple composition that gives you tools to execute a comprehensive complex illustration. Access Skillshare annual membership and use discount code to get 30% off or apply for scholarships.

  1. Online graphic design course (Shaw Academy)

Expand creative skills with Shaw academy’s internationally recognised certification course that teaches elements design, image editing, animation, practical skills in Adobe software, 3D rendering, custom layout and understanding design cycle.

The course is divided into 4 modules including principles of design (for logo, flyer, poster and brochure), colour theory, mood board creation, typography, mastering the pen tool, interactive publication, advanced illustration and creating a portfolio. Use Shaw Academy coupons to get 25% off.

  1. The laws of visual perception: unit, weight, balance and movement (Domestika)

In addition to free graphic designing tutorials, this course by Domestika teaches composition, balance and movement needed to achieve eloquence with exercises to apply acquired knowledge in illustration, poster, typography, editorial design etc.

The course is designed by Spanish designer and typographer Pepe Gimeno who shares his elaborative experiences with waste materials and how these elements have great creative potential and lyrical material to convey sentiments. Get 10% off on Domestika courses.

  1. Canva Design School

The free graphic design platform is now bringing tutors to create online learning modules in graphic designing. A course on ‘graphic design basics’ designed by artists and illustrators, teaches students to find inspiration and generate moodboards.

Another course titled ‘Branding your business’ taught by Jason Little (founder – For The People), Shannon Bell (creative director – Re Agency) talks about branding, why some brands are more successful, how to focus on target audience and deliver brand promise. Explore Canva referrals to get a 24% discount.

  1. The language of design: form and meaning (Coursera)

Offered by California Institute of Arts (CalArts) and taught by Yasmin Khan Gibson, this course defines effectiveness of graphic design and its detached analysis. The 4-week long course teaches students about cultural discussions in design operation and key concepts of visual form.

Coursera includes video lessons, demonstrations and case studies to explain concepts like visual metaphor, connotation and denotation, basic lexicon and syntax with skills needed to design a holistic piece.

  1. Graphic design specialization (Coursera)

The 4-course sequence ranges from fundamental topics to skills needed to create a sophisticated design with historical context. The instructor Michael Worthington applies basic principles to build a comprehensive branding project.

This Coursera specialization series includes a hands-on project and concepts surrounding typography, image making, ideas from historical designs and building a new brand. Get up to 50% off on Coursera online certified courses from top universities.

  1. Graphic design foundations: layout and composition (LinkedIn Learning)

Start with the building blocks of graphic design – layout and composition and move to layout and visual design, learning elements, design principles and tools needed to create composition and layout successfully with this course. Get 25% off on LinkedIn premium coupon code.

The course instructor Sean Adams (AIGA Medal awardee) covers basic concepts, proportion, grids, attributes, image and words with the help of video lectures and transcripts. LinkedIn Learning also conducts specific courses on foundations of typography and colour.

Assemble images, typography, motion graphics to create visual messages with online graphic design courses from Udemy, Skillshare, Shaw Academy, Domestika, Canva Design School, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning and other portals. Use coupons, promotional codes, discount vouchers, eLearning sales and more to acquire professional skills, gift courses and earn savings from app/website purchases.