Thursday, April 25, 2019

What are four P’s of Marketing

Marketers are like cooks in a number of ways. To create a pleasant meal, he must have a right balance of the ingredients. A single carelessness leads to missing an ingredient and the entire...

5 Key Outbound Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of outbound marketing after seemingly being overshadowed by “inbound” techniques in the wake of the Internet and online SEO strategies for a time. While the exact demarcation...

Amazing Online Business Ideas of 2018

There was a time when people praised the idea of a “job for life” but now things have changed to a whole another level, and the concept of a job for life is now...

10 Tips And Tactics To Increase Sales With Video Content

Many of the e-commerce users are still doubtful to jump on the video marketing trend?  Here there are a few things that may change the user's opinion. If the marketer places the video content...

A Simple Technique To Market More Effectively

Once you understand that marketing is a form of story-telling, you will no longer feel intimidated by the technicalities of it—like what advertising to use or what marketing strategy and tactics to deploy. Instead,...

Just Getting Started with Marketing Automation? Here’s What You Need To Know

Those who perceive marketing automation as complex are not wrong, this particular take is also preferable to the one that views it as ‘spammy’ or a ‘set it and forget it’ approach. The truth...

Why Engagebay one-stop Marketing Software for Small Business

EngageBay Marketing Software is an integrated marketing solution for any small business. Every business needs boosting that increases the revenue they get. For that, Engagebay Marketing is one of the best-unified marketing tools that...

    How to Connect Your Business’ Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

Image Credit: Pexels There are thousands of articles online telling you how to advertise your business. Some will persuade you to ditch print marketing for social media. Others say social media isn’t as direct as...

How to Get Ahead of The Entrepreneurs Completion

The world is constantly changing and, without the right tools, it’s easy to out go touch with current trends that changes as fast as or even faster than seasons do. Given the multiple customer...

2 Email Marketing Platforms that Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Site

No matter the size of your business, your primary concern should always be growing your customer base and increasing customer engagement. You achieve this by establishing positive relationships with current and potential customers. Email marketing...
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