Creative ways to use different types of promotional bags


Promotional products are important for every marketing strategy. They do increase brand recognition, customer loyalty, and retention. They also generate sales revenue from the increase in leads.

If this is the case, then coming up with the best promotional item will be the mother of all brilliant ideas. Yet, there is no single promotional product that is suitable for all businesses.

What makes the best promotional product?

People generally love free stuff and giveaways. Things like pens and diaries at the beginning of each year appeal as thoughtful gifts. High priced products are also well received. Especially if they are technology-related like power banks, portable speakers and USB drives. In the end, your target customers will treasure the gifts that are of value. And, almost nothing stands out like a well-made promotional bag that bears the logo of your company.

Promotional bags are effective as walking billboards. It keeps the brand message fresh in the mind of your target customers. There are different types of promotional bags and one version is bound to fit your budget. Consider the following promotional bags to extend your brand visibility.

  1. Custom tote bags

There are many uses for a custom tote bag. They are our everyday go-to bags. They are reusable and recyclable. This makes them friendly to the environment and appealing to most customers. They are especially handy in trade shows. Imagine yourself a customer receiving all these gifts from different companies. It is obvious you will need a bag. To take advantage of the opportunity, be the company that hands out custom tote bags at a trade show. Let your target audience carry all their gifts in your thoughtful gift bag. Custom tote bags have a life beyond trade shows. They will continue the good work of advertising your brand logo and name in the process.

  1. Backpacks

A backback is a loyal sidekick that always, literally, has your back. As promotional merchandise, backpacks offer a big space at the front for you to emblazon your logo. Backpacks are always fashionable and popular. They are also hardy and versatile.  A trendy design will help carry your brand message for a long period.

Backpacks come in many variations. They are ideal for most outdoor companies, clothing outlets, and sporting companies.

  1. Drawstring bags

Drawstring bags are the most lightweight of all promotional bags. They have a simple design and are easy to carry. Drawstring bags use a long string running round at the mouth of the bag. The strings also act as the strands to carry the bag with. You can use the strings to fasten and unfasten the mouth of the bag keeping your contents inside safe. Many companies prefer the drawstring bags because they are cost-effective. The thumbrule is to order drawstring bags should in bulk. Custom drawstring bags can reach many customers within a single promotion campaign.

  1. Cooler bags

Cooler bags are thoughtful promotional gifts. They are handy in many situations including picnics, traveling and camping. They are ideal gifts for a target audience that loves to spend time outdoors. Cooler bags are stylish and can carry other personal items besides cold drinks. They have a spacious front that offers a lasting display for your brand message and logo. Custom cooler bags are good as promotional bags because they come in a variety of sizes.

Cooler bags have an insulating material that helps cold or hot items keep their temperatures. They are good-to-go bags that carry different foods.

  1. Duffel bags

This is a practical bag that exudes casualness. It is a good getaway bag for the weekend. It is also popular among sports personalities. They can carry their training kits and match gears. Duffel bags are spacious and have compartments to separate items. This helps you to keep your bag organized.

Duffel bags are trendy as displayed in movies for transporting lots of cash. As a promotional item, they appeal to customers who are always on the move.

The duffel bag has an outstanding feature. You can compress it when empty making it easy for portability.

Each promotional bag offers your customers a different experience. Finding the right promotional bag for your business should be easy. All you have to do is to identify the needs of your target customers.