Deep Cleaning Hacks for Busy Airbnb Hosts: Save Time and Keep Your Property Sparkling 

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Owning an Airbnb can be challenging, especially when juggling property management, customer satisfaction and the quest for gleaming reviews. Guest experience is everything, however, according to insight from Airbnb, one of the biggest reasons guests leave a negative review is because of a lack of cleanliness.

Let us help you impress your guests by offering you some time-saving techniques for efficient deep cleaning between guest stays, so you can leave a positive impression on your guests and encourage repeat bookings.

  1. Focus on High-Impact Areas: 

As an Airbnb Host, one of the best things you can do is create an extensive cleaning checklist. This will list all areas in the house that require deep cleaning, simplifying the process and ensuring every task is accounted for. We recommend downloading the Airbnb Cleaning Handbook which gives thorough insights into the cleaning protocol and practices you should follow in your rental space.

In addition to cleaning between each guest’s stay, deep cleaning should be scheduled periodically. Focus on areas that produce the most grime, dust and potential allergens, such as the kitchen, bathroom, high-touch surfaces, such as door handles and light switches. In the bedroom, pay close attention to lingering dust and debris found in areas like the carpet, blinds, and vents. Laundering all bedding regularly is a must. A bed with fresh linen, plumped pillows and clean sheets will have your guests feeling welcome and valued.

If you decide that you would like to outsource your cleaning, it is important that you clearly communicate your expectations and standards throughout the process. Some Airbnb management companies, like Frank Porter, also offer cleaning and maintenance services, priding themselves on bringing “fully licensed and trained teams” to your property.”

  1. Schedule Batch Cleaning:

Another way you can handle cleaning tasks efficiently is by batch cleaning, a system that has been recommended by cleaning professionals.. Rather than focusing on each individual room, tackle each task individually. For example, vacuum your entire house at once rather than cleaning each room one by one. The same principle goes for other tasks, such as wiping down all door knobs at once or putting away any clutter in each room.

Not only will this speed up the cleaning process but it also means you do not have to constantly carry the cleaning supplies and equipment everywhere you go.

  1. Harness Multitasking Magic:

Airbnb guests are constantly coming and going. That is why if you’re pressed for time to make your house sparkling clean, we suggest multitasking. Take advantage of those waiting periods. While the shower cleaner is working its magic, how about dusting the cabinets or cleaning out the fridge? By doing this, time will fly by, and you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in one sitting.

By adopting some of these practices, not only will you stay organised, but you’ll also set yourself up for success — meaning consistent five-star reviews, every Airbnb host’s dream.

Deep Cleaning Hacks by Room

In a matter of hours, deep cleaning has the ability to turn your property from funky to fabulous.With every room having multiple things to account for, here are a few suggestions on how to tackle the different rooms in your Airbnb property and how to make them sparkling clean:


Kitchen grease can be one of the most challenging tasks to conquer. Stuck-on grime in your kitchen, often accumulated on countertops and stoves, builds up from cooking and general use. Although there are multiple solutions to tackle kitchen grease, the most reliable method starts with washing all grates with warm soapy water. Next, apply a cleaning agent to the stovetop and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe until all grease is removed and repeat if necessary. You can also use a multi-purpose kitchen spray to remove residues from walls or countertops.

To conquer grimy surfaces, you can use a paste of baking soda and vinegar — particularly useful for stubborn, grease-ridden oven trays. While we’re on this subject, if you are looking to deep clean your oven, check to see if it has a self-cleaning cycle. If so, you will be able to remove any residue or food leftovers from previous baking sessions in a couple of hours — making your life so much easier.


For a sparkling bathroom, disinfectant wipes are your best friend for tackling toilets and sinks. For tougher jobs, you can dilute ⅓ bleach with a gallon of water to disinfect surfaces. Often the result of moisture and soap scum, you can banish grimy grout from your bathroom by either creating a paste of two parts bicarbonate of soda to one part water and scrubbing with a grout brush or old toothbrush to remove any residue build-up. Alternatively, filling a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and spraying it over the bicarb mix can work wonders to saturate tile grout.


The feeling of getting into a freshly-made bed with the familiar smell of fresh laundry is an experience that is unparalleled. That’s why it is crucial that bedrooms are deep cleaned in order to give your guests a comfortable night’s sleep. This can be accomplished by encasing mattresses in washable covers to protect guests against allergens and dust mites (also a great preventative measure to avoid mattress damage from spillages or stains), consistently changing linens after every guest stay, and dusting everything. Using a damp microfiber cloth, wipe down all furniture, including dressers, bed frames, and nightstands, to remove any pesky dust bunnies that could be hiding away.

By implementing these deep cleaning hacks, your Airbnb will feel refreshed, sanitised and ready to be enjoyed by all.