Employee Wellbeing: The Value of Booking a Corporate Massage


Stress is at all-time highs these days. It’s affecting every aspect of people’s lives, including their ability to enjoy time with their families and their work. According to recent reports, at least 65 percent of people cite work as their main source of excessive stress. That’s taking a toll on the nation’s workforce as well as its employers. 

Studies show that several stress management techniques can help mitigate those effects, including meditation, exercise, and eating healthy foods. Some people even turn to medications for help. One of the most effective solutions, though, is massage therapy. With that being the case, booking a corporate massage could be the key to reducing not only America’s work-related stress but also that from other sources. Corporate massages can be invaluable for employees and the companies they work for. 

Reducing Stress

Obviously, stress reduction is one of the main benefits of massage. It has been proven to help people relax, which combats both physical tension and mental and emotional stress. That, in turn, improves people’s lives at work and at home. Massage also helps mitigate the far-reaching effects of stress, such as reduced immunity, increased risks of developing anxiety and depression, and high blood pressure. That, alone, can make a world of difference in employees’ demeanors and how well they do their jobs. 

Promoting Sleep

Massage has also been found to fight insomnia and promote sleep. That doesn’t mean people will be more likely to fall asleep at work; it simply means they’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer at night. Stress is known to interfere with sleep because it cause aches, pain, tension, worry, and other issues. Since massage counteracts all those problems, it can help employees get the rest they need at night. That’ll help them come to work refreshed every day with a clear mind. 

Higher Employee Satisfaction Rates

Corporate massage programs can lead to higher employee satisfaction rates as well. They make employees feel valued and appreciated, and they improve employee morale. It’s a wonderful token of recognition for a job well down, and tends to make people want to continue to make their employers happy. Monetary bonuses are nice, but some of the best and most effective bonuses have nothing to do with money. 

Improving Productivity

Massage therapy can also improve employees’ productivity at work. It helps to eliminate many of the issues that detract from productivity, like being unable to concentrate, dealing with aches and pains, and fighting tension and fatigue. At the same time, because massage helps improve immunity and makes employees feel better, they’re likely to miss fewer days from work. That, combined with improved employee satisfaction, could reduce turnover rates as well. 

Attracting Top Talent

It’s also worth mentioning that offering a corporate massage program may be an attractive incentive for new prospects. That could help companies draw in top talent in their industries. As a result, they may see even more productivity and could gain an edge over their competitors. 

Corporate Massage: Benefiting Employees and Employers

Corporate massage programs can benefit employees and the companies they work for in several ways. America’s workforce is more stressed than ever before, and massage is known to help alleviate stress. In doing so, it reduces the tension, aches, pains, irritability, lack of focus, and other problems stress can cause. Offering corporate massages may boost productivity, improve employee satisfaction and retention rates, and even serve as a pull factor for new employees.