FamiSafe App Review – To control screen time, track real-time location


It is evident that children are born born connected to technologies, since very early they are exposed to smartphones, tablets and notebooks. There is no denying that the internet is important today, but how is it possible to use it safely and protect our children from its dangers? Is knowing how to put parental controls on YouTube important?

Despite all the advantages, the virtual universe is dangerous and can cause several problems to users, especially children, if used incorrectly and unconsciously. Since they are exposed to a universe of possibilities and information at a stage they are still developing the ability to discern what is true or false, in addition to what is good or bad.

Education and strict parental supervision are essential to avoid problems. Since in extreme cases due to misuse and lack of surveillance, the child’s innocence is stolen, causing irreparable consequences caused by virtual harassment, abuse and sexual exploitation, in addition to exposure to inappropriate content. Therefore, it is essential that parents guide their children regarding the content that children can or cannot access, in addition to monitoring all their steps on the internet. It is essential that the guardians control all the social networks that children browse (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), in addition to the games and websites accessed.

Therefore, the role of adults should not be overlooked, as we have a duty to teach, monitor and protect our children from the real and hidden dangers of the internet. Prevention is the best solution; the safety of children and adolescents on the internet is the responsibility of all of us!

Parents and the school need to advise children and adolescents about the dangers of the internet. The perception of risk in children is a process in formation, as the brain is still in the development phase. One of the most common difficulties encountered by parents is how to prevent children from the dangers of the network. Parents need to have open access to everything their children do on the internet. They need to know what children do on social media and who their friends are. Often, the media reports stories involving children who make appointments with strangers on social media, and parents are always worried about not knowing what to do to prevent situations like this.

The use of applications to prevent dangerous things from Internet

You have probably heard of applications that control the time we spend on the Internet, or even those that help control possible threats of harassment and other harmful content to children on the Internet. YouTube Parental Controls are the example. Well, the big news of the moment is the app that offers all this; allied to real-time geolocation, screen time control, and much moreā€¦ Of course, we’re talking about Famisafe, a novelty that promises to revolutionize the way we care the safety of our children and loved ones, after all, children are the most susceptible to internet attacks and, therefore, deserve special care.

For you to understand better we brought here some of the various services offered by the platform that will probably help you in your daily life.

– Location Tracking

With this in-app feature you can follow your kids in real time without constantly asking where they are. The app is compatible with both the Android system and iOS, and can be installed on any cell phone that has internet access. In addition to having access to the location of the children, it is also possible to create alerts for certain dangerous locations or those that deserve your attention, so that whenever your child approaches these locations, you receive a notification on your cell phone, warning of the possible danger.

– Virtual Harassment Prevention

This function ensures that your child stays away and protected from the famous cyberbullying. Whenever the child receives offensive words, either on Whatsapp, Facebook or other social networks, you receive an alert about this content. In addition, you can also use this functionality to add words that you find offensive, abusive or even sexual in nature. This way, every time these words are used on your child’s cell phone, or received, you will receive a notification. One way to control and avoid virtual harassment, so dangerous and harmful to children.

– Application Blocking

Every child has that favorite game or even that social network that spends hours and hours of the day browsing. You can even put the child to sleep, but he takes the phone and stays there in his favorite apps. In this regard, Famisafe offers the app blocking tool that allows you to block those apps that your child is addicted to for a certain period. That is, when the child is at school or when it is time to sleep, you can block it so that the child is unable to access and devote all your time to studies, or to sleep, as in the second case. And best of all, you don’t have to take your child’s phone to make this lock, you can do it from your own phone without having to use your child’s smartphone. The only time you need the child’s cell phone is to install the app on her smartphone, after all to work it needs to be present on both devices. After that you don’t have to worry anymore.

Of course, these are just a few of the many advantages of these applications. FamiSafe offers many more parental control benefits for you to ensure the safety of your child or loved one while they are surfing the internet. We all know the dangers that lie around so safety should always be your priority. One thing is certain, children cannot be allowed to access the Internet without supervision. They are very vulnerable to dangerous things on the Internet and it is our job as parents to ensure they can surf safely. Thank you for reading and hope this article is useful.