Four Companies that Help You Discover Your Actual Voice of Customer


Every company pays attention to customer service, and it is important to have a clear idea of what your customers like and dislike, how they feel and what they respond to. Voice of Customer or VOC is the new concept of customers’ priorities and expectations. VOC uses tools that capture quantitative and qualitative data to provide a detailed picture of your customer. 

Voice of Customer tools collects opinions, comments, reviews, and feedback from the web directly or indirectly. Surveys and focus groups also provide significant information that can help companies predict future behavior. 

Why is Voice of Customer Important?

Knowing how your customers feel about your brand is a great way to understand what they are likely to do. Voice of Customer informs product development so you can create something customers will buy. 

When companies respond to feedback and upgrade products, customers repay this attention with brand loyalty, repeat purchases, and recommendations. When people feel they are being heard, they tend to respond in kind, and this point is key to the running of your business.

Voice of Customer marketing is personalized and develops a productive relationship between the brand and customers. Interactive chat provides an opportunity to assess which features your customers enjoy and which they would like to see improved. Responding promptly to customer comments will make your customers feel that they are being heard.  

Customer service is often cited as a reason to make repeat purchases with a company. Since the web is where people spend much of their time, web interactions are crucial. These include customer service chats, responding to critical reviews on eCommerce sites, and highlighting comments from specific customers in your email content. 

Customers who are listened to tend to become repeat customers, and repeat customers are responsible for a large number of a company’s sales. 

The following are companies that can help you discover your Voice of Customer. 


Revuze uses AI and machine learning to analyze consumer sentiment. It retrieves data across various channels and from internal sources. Companies often feel at a loss when trying to bring together unstructured data, such as information from reviews, call centers, and surveys into a coherent picture of their customers’ preferences. Also, retrieving and analyzing all of this data piece by piece manually can be tedious and can cost your company money. 

Revuze’s tools help clients gather, organize, and analyze data and draw valuable conclusions that can revive product development and marketing strategies. The company offers ongoing insights in the form of reports, dashboards, and timelines. Revuze will understand the context of the data and can create a roadmap from customer and product information. 


Gainsight offers a variety of services to collect, analyze data, and incorporate insights into business strategy. The program organizes data into a convenient central view that allows the user to observe customer attributes. Gainsight evaluates customer health through assessments and scoring to provide an accurate reading of interaction with customers. Also, tools allow you to see a customer’s history with the brand, from interactions and subscriptions to purchases. 

Gainsight provides alerts to inform clients with reminders of urgent tasks and emerging trends. Employees are on the same page with step-by-step playbooks and prioritize workflows. Detailed reports reveal progress and identify areas for improvement. 


Confirmit provides clients with a game plan to implement VOC strategies. They create plans that conform to the existing business structure and are scalable. A customer journey map, survey design, and close-loop reporting are also standout features. 

Confirmit advises clients on how to generate more ways to interact with customers on various platforms. In addition to helping to organized data, Confirmit generates actionable insights and enacts a more efficient method for resolving issues that keep coming up. 


Getthematic unlocks access to survey, chat, and review data in just minutes. Its service powers a bottom-up analysis of data and helps clients identify specific themes. Visuals answer questions about what is working in your business and what isn’t. Getthematic programs integrate with the systems already in place to fine-tune their operation. 

Getthermatic provides textual analysis, feedback reporting, unified data analytics. It also offers diagnostic brand health evaluation from integrations into feedback sources. Getthermatic combines unstructured, qualitative data with quantitative metrics to create insights that guide marketing and product development goals. 

Hearing Your Customer’s Voice

With the popularity of user-generated content, people expect to be heard, whether on social media or eCommerce platforms. Reviews and recommendations inform purchasing decisions. Revuze, Gainsight, Confirmit, and Getthematic offer solutions to revolutionize your VoC strategy and drive conversions and sales.